Monday, October 31, 2005

On the BBC Annotatable Audio project... (

On the BBC Annotatable Audio project... (

"This post concerns an experimental internal-BBC-only project designed to allow users to collectively describe, segment and annotate audio in a Wikipedia-style fashion. It was developed by the BBC Radio & Music Interactive R&D team - for this project consisting of myself, Tristan Ferne, Chris Bowley, Helen Crowe, Paul Clifford and Bronwyn Van Der Merwe. Although the project is a BBC project, all the speculation and theorising around the edges is my own and does not necessarily represent the opinion of my department or the BBC in general.
It's officially my last day at the BBC today, but with the permission of my outgoing boss Mr Daniel Hill I'm going to make the very best use of it by talking about a project that we've been working on for the last few weeks. I consider it one of the most exciting projects I've ever worked on, and BBC Radio & Music Interactive one of the only places in the world where I would have been able to have done so." to Debut 120 Shorts for Passat Campaign to Debut 120 Shorts for Passat Campaign - MarketingVOX:

"Volkswagen has produced 120 online short films (:15 seconds) for its new Passat campaign - the largest number in a single branded entertainment undertaking, which is also the final effort for VW by Havas's Arnold Worldwide of Boston, having lost the account to Crispin Porter & Bogusky of Miami - reports AdAge. The blitz is VW's biggest online launch.

Each short, just 15 seconds long, is being shown on the VW site and demonstrates a single feature of the redesigned 2006 Passat, with the feature itself being revealed only in the final seconds.

To highlight the side curtain airbags, for example, the film is of a man wearing a large Afro wig who isn't bothered by a baseball's breaking through his window and hitting his head." (more)

NOTE: I don't know what these ads are suppose to do, but for me that are way off the mark. After watching 3, they couldn't pay me enough to see anymore. Interesting idea. Bad production.

The DV Show...Interview with Video Blogger Steve Garfield (Podcast)

The DV Show...Podcasting the Ins and Outs of Digital Video

The DV show is a weekly Podcast with information about desktop video editing and production.

Steve Garfield explains what a video blog is. (NOTE: Use the player slider bar to move into the Podcast program a little over half way in to hear Steve's call in interview.)

Podcast hosts: Brian Alves and Colleen Thibault

Katrina Aftermath - Video


Best of Breed: Katrina Aftermath - Video by David Lesson

Video Blog RocketBoom Gets The Spotlight: A Good Interview With Amanda Congdon And Andrew Baron - Robin Good's Latest News

Video Blog RocketBoom Gets The Spotlight: A Good Interview With Amanda Congdon And Andrew Baron - Robin Good's Latest News

Amanda Congdon and Andrew Baron, Rocketboom, video chat with multimedia journalist Robin Good. (July 2005) - Teens wear their hearts on their blog

Unprecedented numbers of teens are using blogs — Web logs — to do what they once did through personal diaries, phone conversations and hangout sessions: cementing friendships with classmates, seeking new friends, venting, testing social limits, getting support and getting all emo ("highly emotional" in blog-speak).

"Blogs are basically reality TV for the Web," says Pete Blackshaw, with marketing analysis firm Intelliseek

"This is the new way kids interact," adds Paul Saffo of the Institute for the Future in Menlo Park, Calif. "Fifty years ago, they borrowed their parents' phones or made their own phones out of string and Dixie cups. Today they have their own cellphones, and they have their own computer accounts and Web pages and they have their own blogs.

"It's part of life in the cyber age."

And it's not just a handful of kids. At least 8 million teens blog, according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, which plans to release a report on teens and blogging on Wednesday. Those statistics were collected a year ago, and the numbers might be higher if you factor in not just blogs but the world of social websites, especially the booming MySpace, a hybrid site that allows people to post their personal interests, write blogs, put up video and set up ways to communicate with their friends. That site has exploded to 34 million users in just two years — and is dominated by 14- to 34-year-olds.

Blogs and social sites are so popular that many schools have banned them. Just last week a private school in New Jersey took it a step further, telling students to dismantle their personal Internet diaries or face suspension. (Related item: School orders students to remove blogs)

Regardless of the reason, with 87% of all teens online, according to Pew's latest numbers, the Internet is as much a part of teen life as cars, TV or music.

And with video gaining popularity online, "forget it," Aftab says. "Your kids are going to have their own television shows."

Saffo predicts kids and parents will "work it out. It's going to be the usual round of kids getting grounded or getting their schools (angry) at them. But that's not so different than what's happened in the past. I'm more concerned about parents overreacting than about kids making huge mistakes."

Chris Pirillo Show: Andrew Baron on Rocketboom (Podcast)

Andrew Baron on Rocketboom

Andrew Baron, producer of Rocketboom, is interviewed on the Chris Pirillo Podcast.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

How to Create your own Video Blog tutorial

Programmer Bolt Vanderhuge shows how to create a video blog.

Night of the Living Dead Movie

Night of the Living Dead Movie - On2 Technologi - Flash Player Installation

Watch the entire movie, Night of the Living Dead, with Macromedia Flash 8 on the On2 Technologies site.

On2 Technologies is the premiere developer of video compression technology for Flash, Internet, video-on-demand, set-top box, and wireless applications.

Happy Halloween...

Friday, October 28, 2005

The Public Eye - Daily Video News Report: A Little Q&A With Producer Jack Hardy

How is The Public Eye different from RocketBoom?

The Public Eye is a decidedly more conservative Webcast, politically and socially than RB. As a West coast venture, it's also unique in its approach to business and consumer news with a distinct technology flavor.

We also use technology tools to enhance the graphic appeal and design for viewers--in other words, our goal is to offer high production value.

2) How did you meet and decide to use Kristin Reilly?

After a regional talent search in SW Washington and the Portland, Ore. metro area, I culled the list of finalists to a select group for video auditions. Kristin was the last interview and when she was forced to reschedule, I almost passed because I believed I had already found two very good candidates.

When she came in to audition, she literally rocked my world.

Everything changed. She has real star power. Not only that,
she is dedicated, hard working, honest and frankly--a real blast to hang out with. Plus, she is extremely technology savvy which is a huge plus.

3) What is Kristin's background?

College student, employed full time in healthcare profession,
modeling/on-camera work

4) Why did you decide to launch PublicEye at this time?

To take advantage of the convergence of new media as broadband Internet and wireless access becomes more commonplace. Also, to jumpstart the competition and become a leader in the industry as the larger technology providers sort out the issues of infrastructure and beging seeking content providers.

5) What equipment do you use to produce The Public Eye?

High-end Gateway desktop, Sony DV camcorder, Serious Magic

6) What boat did you sell so that you could do the show?

It was a 1996 Glastron runabout that seated 8--which my family won't let me forget.

7) How do you expect to generate revenue?

The only two models which make sense are subscriptions and/or

8) Where do you want The Public Eye to be in 12 months? 5 years?

In one year I want it to be profitable. Within 5 years it could be part of an international network of CNN-like connected video bloggers. Sort of the AP of video journalism.

9) What do you put in your home made Tacos?

Just about any kind of meat, but most importantly: green salsa.

Panasonic Launches Blog To Discuss AG-HVX200 And HD

Panasonic Broadcast announced today it has launched, a blog to inform and educate video professionals on the new AG-HVX200 HD/SD DVCPRO P2 camcorder and on high definition technology topics in general.

The blog, featuring “Tosh Bilowski” as the company’s human voice, provides Panasonic a forum to express its views and share its opinions on new technologies, products, features, and activities, as well as answer questions in a meaningful way.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Archive of American Television Interview with James Garner Part 1 of 6 - Google Video

Archive of American Television Interview with James Garner Part 1 of 6 - Google Video

The video plays really choppy. 20 seconds. Stop. 30 seconds. Stop.

If you let the video stream for a couple of minutes before you start the session, it works fine.

Very interesting. Why doesn't the interviewer have her own mike?

Archive of American Television

Mountain View and North Hollywood, CA, Oct. 26, 2005 – Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation today announced a joint effort to make the Foundation’s Archive of American Television interviews available for free viewing on Google Video. This historic collection includes interviews with Alan Alda, Dick Wolf, Steven Bochco and many of television’s greatest actors, writers, producers, directors and others.

“The Foundation’s Archive of American Television is probably the most diverse, complete and fascinating resource of its kind. The stories are told through the eyes of the creative geniuses – in front of and behind the cameras – who shaped and continue to shape television into the most powerful medium in the world,” Steve Mosko, Chairman of the Television Academy Foundation, commented.

Today, the first 75 of the 284 historic films (which equals to about 240 viewing hours) can be watched on Google Video at The collection includes a virtual “who’s who” from the past 75 years of television.

The comprehensive list of actors, producers, show creators, writers, artists, journalists and directors includes:

Performers: Alan Alda, Sid Caesar, Diahann Carroll, Ossie Davis, Phyllis Diller, Michael J. Fox, Andy Griffith, Robert Guillaume, Florence Henderson, Angela Lansbury, William Shatner, Dick Van Dyke, Betty White, and James Garner

Producer/Creators: Dick Wolf, Steven Bochco, Dick Clark, Sherwood Schwartz, Norman Lear, Grant Tinker, David Wolper, and Carl Reiner

Directors, Executives, Artists: James Burrows, John Frankenheimer, Bob Mackie, Gene Reynolds and Ted Turner. (more)

We Are The Media : A Video Podcaster Reviews The Video ipod


Seattle video blogger/art teacher Bre Pettis, reviews the 30 gig black iPod and downloads one of his video now available on iTunes.

Now Playing: Your Home Video - New York Times

Now Playing: Your Home Video - New York Times: "Captain Jack is an atypical movie star. A blind Chihuahua rescued from a shelter, he does not have a B-list celebrity owner or a craving for tacos. And he can be a bit cantankerous, according to his companion, Deborah Tallent. 'He didn't like me at first, until I gave him a piece of chicken,' she said."

But on the Internet, Jack is one well-known dog, the star of a minor motion picture called "Capt. Jack: The Movie." It's available on ClipShack, one of a new generation of video-sharing sites that offer camcorder Coppolas and cellphone Scorceses a place to upload videos and make them available to friends, family members and the world at large.

Users of the sites, like Ms. Tallent, say that they offer a simpler alternative to sending large video files by e-mail, burning them onto a DVD or posting them on a personal Web site. And, if users opt to make their videos publicly available, they can be viewed - and commented on - by a wider audience.

The entrepreneurs who have started companies like ClipShack, Vimeo, YouTube and are betting that as consumers discover the video abilities built into their cellphones and digital still cameras, and get better at editing the often-lengthy video from their camcorders, they will be eager to share video on the Web. While most of the services are free today, the entrepreneurs eventually hope to make money by selling ads or charging fees for premium levels of service. (more)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

PRESS RELEASE Fills a Void in Nascent Video Blog Market

PRESS RELEASE Fills a Void in Nascent Video Blog Market: "Today we acknowledge the continuing evolution of traditional print and broadcast media and the efforts of citizen journalists with the debut of The Public Eye,, a new video blog presented by host Kristin Reilly.

Created and produced by a Vancouver, Wash. entrepreneur, The Public Eye is a daily video blog ('v-log') designed to capture and share news, commentary and entertainment for an increasingly mobile and broadband Internet connected population.

The video broadcast is intended to fill the demand for news and entertainment content, by an increasingly mobile generation, including individuals who want their news and information in smaller, bite-sized chunks.

"With our unique perspective and delivery of today's news, we hope to steadily increase our audience and news content contributors who log in to see what's new," said Jack Hardy, founder of The Public Eye. "We offer daily doses of humor, entertainment and a fresh approach to business, science and technology news." (more)

Lossy Video: Daisytrain

"Shot in Lac-au-Saumon, Québec with some banjo and in-camera sounds."


The Lossy Video Group is a collective of experimental digital video artists and musicians working out of Montréal, Québec.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Gold Digger by Kanye West video code | - your source for music video codes

"Gold Digger" By Kanye West

I cut and pasted auto start code of Gold Digger from Video Code Zone in my VidiLife Profile. Very Cool!


The music video that will never get old.

With Video IPod, the Music Still Comes First (Excerpts)

The video downloads for sale consist of music videos, six short movies from Pixar Animation Studios, and episodes of five TV shows from ABC and the Disney Channel. Each sells for $1.99 and can be played on up to five computers at once and an unlimited number of iPods -- but can't be streamed over a home network or copied to DVD for viewing on a TV. (You can't even copy a music video's soundtrack to an audio CD.)

Getting other video files on an iPod, whether downloaded off other sites or made in such programs as Apple's iMovie, is unacceptably complicated. Instead of simply dragging a clip into iTunes to have it converted and copied automatically, you must adjust esoteric file-export settings in iMovie, buy a copy of Apple's $30 QuickTime Pro, or mix and match random freeware programs to make your video clip iPod-ready.

This level of complexity is standard procedure in much of computing, but it's not what Apple sells. That, and the selection of video downloads sold at iTunes, needs to improve in a hurry, or the "video" iPod will remain just a great way to listen to music on the go -- not that Apple would necessarily be upset with such an outcome.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Curry-N-Rice Girl - Google Video

Curry-N-Rice Girl - Google Video

Home made music video... Best of Breed!

PV college goes high-tech to keep student body engaged

PV college goes high-tech to keep student body engaged:

"With a tech-savvy generation in college these days, Paradise Valley Community College is betting mp3 players and an online blog are the best way to reach students.

In August, the college became the first in the Valley to use blogging and podcasts, radio shows saved in a downloadable format, as a mass medium to tell students what's happening on campus and update them on campus resources.

Few Valley colleges have the capability to operate blogs, and even those that do have only a small number of instructors who actually use it in their classes. While the technology isn't used in PVCC classes yet, PVCC is the only college applying the technology to try to get busy students to slow down and enjoy campus life.

Like other colleges around the nation, PVCC is exploring the best way to incorporate emerging technologies into education, and as the Chronicle of Higher Education reported recently, there is some debate about how best to engage the "net generation" in college. " (more)

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Port Townsend New Orleans Relocation Raffle & Report

Free video streaming, video hosting, video blog: ""

Port Townsend Farmers Market

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.: ""

Port Townsend Farmers Market

Tyler St. between Lawrence and Clay Streets
9:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
April 30 - Oct 29

Rain or Shine
May through October

Singh helps Farmers Market sing

When the Port Townsend Farmers Market advertised for a marketing leader, applications came from locals, the director of New York's Central Park, and a San Francisco resident who marketed for Nintendo, Doritos and Cartier Fragrances.

San Francisco marketing consultant Harvindar Singh was selected.

"We wanted someone who could think big, and we chose right," said board member and farmer Kate Dean.

He took over in 2001, when market sales were just topping $100,000 from about 30 vendors. Four years later in May 2005, the market opened with sales of nearly $20,000 in just one weekend. At the end of the 2004 season, the market topped $365,000 in sales with 55 farmers, food vendors and craftspeople, making Port Townsend Farmers Market the highest grossing farmers market west of Seattle. (more)

Port Townsend Farmers Market Musicial Entertainment Today

Free video streaming, video hosting, video blog: ""

If anyone knows the name of this group, please post a comment.

Aftermath: New Orleans

A family goes to access the damage of home in New Orleans. Video shot October 7, 2005

Friday, October 21, 2005

Q&A with Trine Bjørkmann Berry

Helene & Trine (right)

A couple of days ago Trine Bjørkmann Berry posted a message on the Yahoo Video Blogging Group seeking individuals to participate in a survey. This morning she email me a list of questions:

Questionnaire for Videobloggers

> Please write as little or as much as you want.

Please state the name and webaddress of your videoblog (if you have more than one blog, please select the one that most closely fits the description ‘videoblog’.

1. What is the title of your video blog? Why did you choose this title?

It is an online resource center where various points of view can be Shared and Celerbrated.

2. Please describe your video blog, what do you think are the most important elements?

The View-Point blog has turned into an online news channel about video blogging. Videos and news reports that I find interesting are published.

3. How would you categorise your video blog? (Do you see it as a particular genre?)

Currently, it is a news and informational resource center for video bloggers and individuals that are interested in the field.

4. Who do you envisage will watch your video blog?

People that are published on the blog and individuals interested in video blogging.

5. Do you have this potential audience in mind when you record, edit and publish your video blog (i.e do you try to please an audience?)

At this point in time, I do not try and please an audience. I'm learning the craft and exploring different shooting styles and how to publish the multimedia material.

6. How important is feedback to you (ie comments, emails, people using your material in their video blogs)?

At this point in time, I receive more comment spam than direct comments regarding the posts. Comments are not that important, but they could be in the future.

7. Does a desire for an audience affect the way you record, edit and publish your video blog?

No. If I went about video blogging to please an audience, it would quickly turn into a "job" and the fun and experimention would go out of the process. In the future, this can change, but with this blog, it is all about my experience. I do maintain a video blog to please an audience that is focused on reforming US marijuana laws -

Below are my questions to Trine:

Do you have a video blog?

yes i do. it's at

Where do you live?


What is the name of your school?

Sussex University

What camcorder/digital camera do you own?

its a sharp mini dv something or other but I also use my iSight as its easier

Does your class have a blog?

not teaching yet, but I aim to convert them all once i do ;-)

Will your article/paper be published online?

hopefully. need to write it first!;-)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

DigitalLifeTV : Patrick and Jim head to New York for Digital Life

Patrick Norton and Jim Louderback, DigitalLifeTV, published a video report from the annual Digital Life consumer show that was held over the weekend at the Javits Center in New York.

WATCH VIDEO: Current Studio // PTJIM // Katrina Relief Bus


2 busses, powered by vegetable oil, leave Port Townsend, Washington to help Katrina survivors. What they find astounds them, and begins a long-term connection to a similar town in the South. More Information

The music in the video is "New Orleans" by singer/songwriter David Rovics.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Relief from PT bus among the first to reach tribe in SW Louisiana

By Steven J. Barry Leader Staff Writer

POINTE AU CHIEN, La. - After bringing food, water and much-needed personal items to forgotten pockets of homes near the bayous of southwest Louisiana Sept. 28, Scott Landis of Port Townsend was practically fighting off the gumbo offers.

"Y'all do not know what you're missin' out on," Geneva Lebouf said, giving Landis his second gumbo pitch of the day. She stood on the steps of the relief bus from Port Townsend, fueled by biodiesel and vegetable oil, and pleaded with him to come in for hot food. He declined. Never mind that he had seafood gumbo for lunch; he and his wife Kathleen Mitchell had more work to do. (more)

Q&A: Ulyana Mineeva Russian Video Blogger, Part 1

How long have you been blogging?

since July 16th (approximately)

Do you have a website or text/photo blog?

Yeah, I have a text blog at, and video blog at

How long have you had your LiveJournal?

for about 2 years and a half ( I changed my username 3 or 4 times)

Where did you learn English?

I've been learning English for 11 years: I started at school, and then continued at university. The thing is I was always interested in this language, so I read books in Engilsh, watched movies etc. Oh, and I had good practice with native speakers.

Native Speakers?

Americans, Englishmen

Do you go to school?

Moscow State University

What classes do you take? Do you have a part time job? Do they offer classes in digital video production?

My major is philology and I aboslutely hate it... its not something I was looking for in my life. I don't have a part-time job, because I don't have job at all. And no - they don't offer classes on digital video production.

What video camera do you use?

Sony MiniDV DCR-HC18E

What do you like about the DCR-HC18E? What don't you like about it? Where did you get it? How do you like the touch panel display? Does it have a memery stick? How is the battery life? How do you like the Nightshot? Does it have an external mic port?

I like everything about my camera. SOunds naive but its true. I haven't found anything negative about it yet. I bought it in Moscow, in the place called "Gorbushka", they sell electronic stuff there. I like the touch panel display - its very handy. It doesn't have a memory stick. The battery lasts for several hours (I mean the recording time). Nightshot is quite interesting (I think you have seen my Night Yacht video - kinda extream :P) Yes, it has an external mic port.

What editing software do you use?

Ulead VideoStudio 9

What do you like about Ulead VideoStudio 9? What don't you like about the program? How long did it take you to learn it? How did you get it? Have you used the "Chroma Key" feature?

I like about this program.... that it is very simple to use and I got used to it after a while, not a long time though. I haven't studied it 100% yet so there is nothing I don't like. The program was bought. No I havent used this chroma key thing.

What digital camera (still) do you use?

Olympus Camedia C-50 Zoom

What do you like about the Olympus Camedia C-50 Zoom? What don't you like about it? Where did you get it?

OH I LOVE everything about this camera, no minuses. Seriously. My dad gave it to me as a b-day present

What do you want to be doing in five years?

I want to be either a journalist or a photographer, and I want to work abroad.

Abroad? UK, Europe? US? Why?

In Turkey, because my bf lives there. I think I'll move there.

How do you like vidilife?

I love it!

What are some of the things you like about vidilife? Have you tried other free video hosting sites?

Everything is easy to understand, attractive interface, the opportunity to upload your own videos and then post them on the website. I haven't tried other hosting sites

How did you find out about vidilife?

from the webmaster of the website

How did this happen? , it was promoted there.

Over the next couple of weeks, Ulyana will video tape herself answering a series of interview questions. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

eminem iPod ad

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.: ""


Conventional wisdom says its strategy is wrong, yet it keeps turning out great products. TIME looks inside the world’s most innovative company

This is partly a story about a company called Apple Computer. It’s also partly a story about a fancy new iPod that plays videos as well as music and that could dramatically change the way people entertain themselves. But it’s mostly a story about new things and where they come from, about which there are a few popular misconceptions.

Stop and look at Apple for a second, since it’s an odd company. It has been around long enough and has a high enough profile that it’s easy to forget that. While most high-tech firms focus on one or two sectors, Apple does all of them at once. Apple makes its own hardware (iBooks and iMacs), it makes the operating system that runs on that hardware (Mac OS X), and it makes programs that run on that operating system (iTunes, iMovie, Safari Web browser, etc.). It also makes the consumer-electronics

devices that connect to all those things (the rapidly multiplying iPod family), and it runs the online service that furnishes content to those devices (iTunes Music Store). If you smooshed together Microsoft, Dell and Sony into one company, you would have something like the diversity of the Apple technological biosphere. (more)

You Don"t Got a Thing If You Don't Got That Swing

Ulyana, a 19 year old Russian multimedia artist, demonstrates how she applies make-up everyday. She is a very prolific video blogger with 33 vids on vidilife.


Film Threat - News: "A day after the announcement of the new iPod, MTV bought popular, and long-standing, internet shorts showcase And though it's just speculation, it's hard not to see that with one major website acquisition, MTV set itself to be the ones who could supply Apple with the most starter and catalog content. Music videos (they have them in a vault somewhere even though they don't show them on TV anymore), short films... what if MTV decides to start making their popular shows available for download? You mean I can download the daily TRL via iPod video podcast!?! Kill me now.

So now you might be asking, why are we discussing Apple and MTV? Has Film Threat become a shill for both? What does this have to do with me, indie filmmaker? One word: EVERYTHING.

Plus, the landscape of guerilla marketing changes. A couple years ago it became apparent that for any independent filmmaker to succeed above the pack, it was imperative to have a strong website to direct audiences to, to keep the film on the public's mind. Filmmakers cultivate mailing lists of journalists, film festival patrons and other industry contacts. Now the game changes, because instead of just press releases and web updates, you can show footage from your film. Instead of mailing lists, you can have podcast subscriptions. Got rejected from Sundance? Go to Park City with your iPod and show the film to folks waiting in line. Congrats, you've started the first iPod parasite film festival (industry note: I was the first one to say it and suggest it, so I better get credit). Pod-Dance, baby! (more)

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Unique "Four Eyed" Strategy: iTunes,, The New iPod, and a Video Podcast Series

Unique "Four Eyed" Strategy: iTunes,, The New iPod, and a Video Podcast Series: "With Apple's announcement of its new video screen iPod just one day old, independent filmmakers are already eyeing how the device (and its supporting software iTunes) might help them distribute their own work. Susan Buice and Arin Crumley, who recently spoke with indieWIRE in a profile exploring their unique distribution ideas, are jump-starting their video blogging plans and next month will debut a series of clips that can be viewed on the new iPod or on a computer screen.
With a strategy that is a twist on the now common practice of releasing DVD extras, Crumley and Buice will distribute bonus footage in advance of their film's release, as a way of building momentum for the distribution of their first feature, 'Four Eyed Monsters.' Executing a strategy that began when they started video blogging from SXSW back in the spring, the filmmakers plan to distribute their short clips on November 1st as part of a video podcast series on iTunes and the MySpace social networking site. The five-minute video segments will begin with present-day intros created by the filmmakers and include footage from each of the festival's they have attended thus far. " (more)

Saturday, October 15, 2005

BBC - Radio 1 Superstar VJS - Creative Archive Licence trial

Top BBC Downloadable video clip is black and white footage contains various shots of the exterior of Exeter Cathedral and its grounds.

For the first time in the history of the BBC they are opening their video archives ONLY to the UK public. At launch, there are 100 clips that include skylines, sunsets, seascapes, wildlife, time-lapse photography & retro gadgets.

Currently, there is a 3 minute VJ competition. Check out the 3:42 video mix example

Friday, October 14, 2005

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | TV and Radio | The barriers to video on the move

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | TV and Radio | The barriers to video on the move: "The BBC has launched a project called the Integrated Media Player (IMP) which allows about 5,000 people access to a range of BBC TV shows for up to seven days after broadcast.

Those doing the trial will be able to choose TV and radio shows to download to their computers.

Using Digital Rights Management software, after seven days the material will be wiped off the users' hard drive and become inaccessible.
Ashley Highfield, the BBC's head of new media, said that transferring that content to a portable device like the iPod would be a 'logical next step' but there is no timetable as yet.

The BBC had to arrange the rights with the owners of the programmes, which are often independent production houses. " (more)

Podcasters prepare to launch video era - Reuters

Podcasters prepare to launch video era - Yahoo! News: "Podcasting is on the verge of setting off a video revolution and users of Apple Computer Inc.'s new video iPod can expect a deluge of outspoken commentary, religious sermons and pornography.

Podcasting, a term based on the name for Apple's portable media player, allows customers to download audio, and now video, segments for free to their computers and portable devices. Radio shows are among the most popular podcasts, but amateurs have helped turn podcasting into an eclectic global phenomenon.

Apple's video-enabled iPod models, announced on Wednesday, promise to stoke the fervor of home-grown broadcasters.
'I'm thrilled by the possibilities of combining devices,' said 'Soccergirl,' whose opinionated and sexually suggestive program was listed among the 40 most popular podcasts on Apple's iTunes service.

The 26-year old librarian, who chooses not to reveal her real name, already produces short video segments that can play on viewers' computers.
The new iPods 'will make it easier for many of my listeners to watch my video as easily as they listen to my show,' she said.
Other early adopters of video podcasting are likely to include clergy of all stripes." (more)

Apple's new goodies - CNET reviews

Apple's new goodies - CNET reviews

CNET reviews the new Apple video iPod.


AlterNet: 'Vlog' Wild

AlterNet: 'Vlog' Wild:

Last fall, approximately 2.5 million Americans watched Jon Stewart call Tucker Carlson a "dick"; not because CNN's Crossfire had such a large viewing audience (only a half million tuned into the show itself), but because they could access Stewart's uproarious appearance on a slew of videoblogs, or "vlogs."

In the world's other high-profile democratization, the global democratization of media, vlogs appear to be the next stage. Whether by adding amateur video to blogs or by making video the focus, vloggers open windows into worlds, establishing direct lines of communication with content at once compelling and completely unfiltered by mainstream media.

Vlogs enable viewers to glimpse a checkpoint in Israel's West Bank, view services at black churches of the Mississippi Delta in 1968, or watch Jesse Jackson and busloads of Ohioans rally on Capital Hill against the results of the 2004 presidential election.

Then there's the lighter fare: a vlogger's aesthetically pleasing walking tour of a city set to music, or highlights from the U.S. Army's 230th birthday celebration in Cambridge, MA. Vlogs can be raw or edited, synched to soundtracks or featuring a narrator, but by nature, they create far more stimulating narratives than standard forms of print media. And, for the first time, this footage is becoming widely accessible for audiences throughout the world, fostering participatory journalism. (more)

By Zack Pelta-Heller, AlterNet. Posted July 6, 2005.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Rocketboom - Video iPod Presentation


Steve Jobs had "Rocketboom" on his video iPod link list. Check out Rocketbooms coverage.

The Archos AV700: Video iPod Competition

Final Thoughts

On the whole, we loved the Archos AV700 (Watch Video) with its large screen, great viewing angle and loud stereo sound, ideal portable for sharing a movie with friends. It has a decent battery life that lasted just shy of its rated four hours in our tests. However, due to its size and weight, the AV700 becomes too uncomfortable to hold for long durations, but would possibly make a relatively cost-effective companion for a long road trip.

There are two versions of the AV700 – one sporting 40GBs of storage (AV740) and the other having 100GB (AV7100). Both are available now retailing around US$596 and US$835 respectively. (Read Review)

Amazon Customer Feedback

so far so good..., September 19, 2005
Reviewer: J. M Ullman "chimayred" (Falmouth, ME USA)

I bought an archos about 5 years ago from Gateway and returned it in 2 days. I was waiting for something like the AV700 that would actually work, unlike the first one I bought - which I bought predominantly for my digital photo collection.

The archos is well made, solid, and easy to use. dragging wma and mp3 files was absolutely no problem and I transferred 7gb of digital photos without a problem. least out of the box, I couldn't get my digital photos which had voice memos' to synchronize, nor could I get my .avi files from digital camera to go over. In fact, I still can't figure out how to copy and transform a video whether from email, digital camera, or a DVD burned from a camcorder tape on a Philips DVD recorder.
A call to ARchos didn't help a bit. There have been some criticisms of their tech support; i've emailed twice this week with no response; at least the phone tech answered. I've tried some things, upgraded some apps and will call again, but unlike the seamless .jpg and .wma transfers, the video is elusive. I would probably buy this again, but I would definitely by the 100GB version, and will withold the final 2 stars of my rating until I see if I can ever get video to work.


PC Magazine Commentary: Upgrade Your iPod or Not?

PC Magazine Commentary: Upgrade Your iPod or Not?:

"As you probably know by now, Steve Jobs spilled the beans on Apple's much awaited iPod handheld device with video capabilities on Wednesday. Our own Michael Kobrin, the Junior Lead Analyst in charge of testing and reviewing audio hardware in our PC Magazine Labs, and Kyle Monson, the Associate Section Editor who oversees PC Magazine's coverage of audio hardware and software, let you know what they think about the announcement.

Kyle Monson: While we're on the subject of spending money, I have a feeling free video podcasts will do just as well as (or maybe even better than) the music videos and next-day ABC shows we'll have to pay for. As I inferred earlier, keeping an iPod loaded up with fresh video content is going to require a lot more effort than just using it as a monster archive of yours songs, but podcast enthusiasts already know this. And if it's a choice between loading your iPod with free audio-only podcasts and loading free video podcasts, as long as you've got the available memory there's not much reason to pick the former. Well, there's one reason: You actually have to look at the schlubs that are podcasting for you (no offense, TWiTs!)."

Video iPod Competition: Creative's Zen Vision

Creative Introduces the Zen Vision - 30GB MP3 Player With 3.7-Inch SharpPix High-Resolution 262,144-Color Screen for Photo and Video Viewing
Gorgeous Magnesium-Encased Player Delivers Eight Times the Image Resolution and more than Three Times the Screen Size of the Apple iPod

MILPITAS, Calif. - August 3, 2005 - Creative Technology Ltd. (NASDAQ: CREAF), a worldwide leader in digital entertainment products, today announced the Zen Vision™ MP3 player with a 3.7-inch SharpPix™ high-resolution 640x480 262,144-color screen for photo viewing and digital video playback. Featuring a transflective screen that provides excellent image and video quality even in bright sunlit conditions, the 30GB Zen Vision carries up to 15,000 songs, tens of thousands of photos, or up to 120 hours of video. Available in either pearl white or black, the Zen Vision measures 4.9 by 2.9 by .8 inches and weighs only 8.4 ounces. It is available today for pre-order at for only US$399.99.

"The Zen Vision is our most versatile and coolest-looking digital entertainment player ever," said Sim Wong Hoo, chairman and CEO of Creative. "It supports download and subscription music services, photo transfer directly from a Compact Flash card or up to 17 variations of media through our optional Compact Flash Adapter. With the SharpPix technology, your digital photos can look even better than prints. Plus the Zen Vision supports video from TiVoToGo™ and popular Internet video formats including DivX™, so it's really easy and fun to enjoy your favorite music, photos and videos wherever you go." (more)

Stone Farm: The Vloggercue Shorts

Stone Farm: The Vloggercue Shorts


i've thought about that too. where will our food come from? more to the point, where will our energy come from? thankfully, someone's not only already given this some thought, but they've implemented a solution. a crappy solution.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Apple Store (U.S.): Video iPod

WATCH VIDEO of Steve Jobs presentation today. (QT7)

The new Apple iPod. The 20GB version is selling for $299 and the 60GB iPod for $399. The display measures 2.5 inch. Resolution is 320x240 pixels. Battery life is up to 20 hours.

New iTunes 6.0 (available now) features music videos, movies and TV shows for downloading at $1.99 each.

Set your music in motion

First, iPod put music in your pocket. Now it puts on a show. With support for up to 15,000 songs and up to 150 hours of video on a 2.5-inch QVGA color display, iPod gives you the ultimate music experience — sight and sound — in a lighter, thinner design. Available in classic white and dramatic black. (More)

Apple Introduces Video, TV Playing IPod

The Associated Press / Washington Post
Wednesday, October 12, 2005; 2:34 PM

Apple Computer Inc. unveiled Wednesday an iPod capable of playing videos, evolving the portable music player of choice into a multimedia platform for everything from TV shows to music videos.

Videos will now be sold alongside songs on Apple's iTunes Music Store.

Fueled by record sales of its iPod players and strong back-to-school computer sales, Apple Computer Inc. said Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2005, its fourth-quarter net income surged more than 300 percent to $430 million, marking the company's highest ever earnings and sales for a quarter and year.

Citing a groundbreaking deal with ABC Television Group, Apple chief executive Steve Jobs said the online iTunes store will sell episodes of hit shows "Desperate Housewives" and "Lost" for $1.99 each, making them available the day after they air on television. (more)

BBC Reader Comments

Apple Introduces New Video IPod - Yahoo! News

Apple Computer Inc.'s CEO Steve Jobs introduced the company's new video iPod on Wednesday.

That fulfills expectations many industry insiders had that Jobs would unleash yet another one of the popular iPod players to the market.

Calendar of events for United Way Campaign

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.: ""

Although the audio is really bad, hopefully more community service organizations will jump on the bandwagon and post video calendar of events as well as video "short" reports from their events.

Chris Daniel's Video Blog: Video Blog Presentation at ConvergeSouth

Amanda Congdon, Rocketboom, power-point presentation on a videoblogs at ConvergeSouth.


Chris Daniel's Video Blog

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Just Think - Hip Hop is...

Hip Hop is...
Just Think worked with students from the peer resources program at Mission High School in San Francisco to plan, produce, and edit a short video about the core elements of Hip Hop. In addition to the video production, students also created original music for the final piece. The video is being used as part of a larger training program at the high school.

WATCH VIDEO (QT, long download)

Irene McGee Chats with Elana Rosen - Just Think

Video Blogger/Podcaster Irene McGee, No One’s Listening, interviews Elana Rosen, founder Just Think, and media literacy and ethics.

Full Interview - Podcast

Just Think

Just Think teaches young people to lead healthy, responsible, independent lives in a culture highly impacted by media. They develop and deliver cutting-edge curricula and innovative programs that build skills in critical thinking and creative media production. Through their work, young people learn to:

- Gain leadership abilities
- Improve their academic performance
- Make sound and healthy behavior decisions
- Acquire practical workplace tools
- Enhance their consumer choices
- Engage positively with their peers, parents, educators, and community
- Think for themselves

Digital Hollywood Video Blog Report

Spread the PINK!

Halcyon & Tassy, SpreadingThePink interview Dmitry Shapiro, CEO of

The crew hang out in the lobby of Digital Hollywood and talk to a variety of attendees about the future of video on the web.

WATCH VIDEO (13 min, wmv)

Digital Hollywood was held at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel Santa Monica, California, September 19-21, 2005, and brought together individuals from the film, television, music, home video, cable, telecommunications and computer industries. See conference agenda