Sunday, October 23, 2005

PV college goes high-tech to keep student body engaged

PV college goes high-tech to keep student body engaged:

"With a tech-savvy generation in college these days, Paradise Valley Community College is betting mp3 players and an online blog are the best way to reach students.

In August, the college became the first in the Valley to use blogging and podcasts, radio shows saved in a downloadable format, as a mass medium to tell students what's happening on campus and update them on campus resources.

Few Valley colleges have the capability to operate blogs, and even those that do have only a small number of instructors who actually use it in their classes. While the technology isn't used in PVCC classes yet, PVCC is the only college applying the technology to try to get busy students to slow down and enjoy campus life.

Like other colleges around the nation, PVCC is exploring the best way to incorporate emerging technologies into education, and as the Chronicle of Higher Education reported recently, there is some debate about how best to engage the "net generation" in college. " (more)


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