Friday, October 21, 2005

Q&A with Trine Bjørkmann Berry

Helene & Trine (right)

A couple of days ago Trine Bjørkmann Berry posted a message on the Yahoo Video Blogging Group seeking individuals to participate in a survey. This morning she email me a list of questions:

Questionnaire for Videobloggers

> Please write as little or as much as you want.

Please state the name and webaddress of your videoblog (if you have more than one blog, please select the one that most closely fits the description ‘videoblog’.

1. What is the title of your video blog? Why did you choose this title?

It is an online resource center where various points of view can be Shared and Celerbrated.

2. Please describe your video blog, what do you think are the most important elements?

The View-Point blog has turned into an online news channel about video blogging. Videos and news reports that I find interesting are published.

3. How would you categorise your video blog? (Do you see it as a particular genre?)

Currently, it is a news and informational resource center for video bloggers and individuals that are interested in the field.

4. Who do you envisage will watch your video blog?

People that are published on the blog and individuals interested in video blogging.

5. Do you have this potential audience in mind when you record, edit and publish your video blog (i.e do you try to please an audience?)

At this point in time, I do not try and please an audience. I'm learning the craft and exploring different shooting styles and how to publish the multimedia material.

6. How important is feedback to you (ie comments, emails, people using your material in their video blogs)?

At this point in time, I receive more comment spam than direct comments regarding the posts. Comments are not that important, but they could be in the future.

7. Does a desire for an audience affect the way you record, edit and publish your video blog?

No. If I went about video blogging to please an audience, it would quickly turn into a "job" and the fun and experimention would go out of the process. In the future, this can change, but with this blog, it is all about my experience. I do maintain a video blog to please an audience that is focused on reforming US marijuana laws -

Below are my questions to Trine:

Do you have a video blog?

yes i do. it's at

Where do you live?


What is the name of your school?

Sussex University

What camcorder/digital camera do you own?

its a sharp mini dv something or other but I also use my iSight as its easier

Does your class have a blog?

not teaching yet, but I aim to convert them all once i do ;-)

Will your article/paper be published online?

hopefully. need to write it first!;-)


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