Sunday, October 16, 2005

Unique "Four Eyed" Strategy: iTunes,, The New iPod, and a Video Podcast Series

Unique "Four Eyed" Strategy: iTunes,, The New iPod, and a Video Podcast Series: "With Apple's announcement of its new video screen iPod just one day old, independent filmmakers are already eyeing how the device (and its supporting software iTunes) might help them distribute their own work. Susan Buice and Arin Crumley, who recently spoke with indieWIRE in a profile exploring their unique distribution ideas, are jump-starting their video blogging plans and next month will debut a series of clips that can be viewed on the new iPod or on a computer screen.
With a strategy that is a twist on the now common practice of releasing DVD extras, Crumley and Buice will distribute bonus footage in advance of their film's release, as a way of building momentum for the distribution of their first feature, 'Four Eyed Monsters.' Executing a strategy that began when they started video blogging from SXSW back in the spring, the filmmakers plan to distribute their short clips on November 1st as part of a video podcast series on iTunes and the MySpace social networking site. The five-minute video segments will begin with present-day intros created by the filmmakers and include footage from each of the festival's they have attended thus far. " (more)


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