Thursday, October 13, 2005

PC Magazine Commentary: Upgrade Your iPod or Not?

PC Magazine Commentary: Upgrade Your iPod or Not?:

"As you probably know by now, Steve Jobs spilled the beans on Apple's much awaited iPod handheld device with video capabilities on Wednesday. Our own Michael Kobrin, the Junior Lead Analyst in charge of testing and reviewing audio hardware in our PC Magazine Labs, and Kyle Monson, the Associate Section Editor who oversees PC Magazine's coverage of audio hardware and software, let you know what they think about the announcement.

Kyle Monson: While we're on the subject of spending money, I have a feeling free video podcasts will do just as well as (or maybe even better than) the music videos and next-day ABC shows we'll have to pay for. As I inferred earlier, keeping an iPod loaded up with fresh video content is going to require a lot more effort than just using it as a monster archive of yours songs, but podcast enthusiasts already know this. And if it's a choice between loading your iPod with free audio-only podcasts and loading free video podcasts, as long as you've got the available memory there's not much reason to pick the former. Well, there's one reason: You actually have to look at the schlubs that are podcasting for you (no offense, TWiTs!)."


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