Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Archos AV700: Video iPod Competition

Final Thoughts

On the whole, we loved the Archos AV700 (Watch Video) with its large screen, great viewing angle and loud stereo sound, ideal portable for sharing a movie with friends. It has a decent battery life that lasted just shy of its rated four hours in our tests. However, due to its size and weight, the AV700 becomes too uncomfortable to hold for long durations, but would possibly make a relatively cost-effective companion for a long road trip.

There are two versions of the AV700 – one sporting 40GBs of storage (AV740) and the other having 100GB (AV7100). Both are available now retailing around US$596 and US$835 respectively. (Read Review)

Amazon Customer Feedback

so far so good..., September 19, 2005
Reviewer: J. M Ullman "chimayred" (Falmouth, ME USA)

I bought an archos about 5 years ago from Gateway and returned it in 2 days. I was waiting for something like the AV700 that would actually work, unlike the first one I bought - which I bought predominantly for my digital photo collection.

The archos is well made, solid, and easy to use. dragging wma and mp3 files was absolutely no problem and I transferred 7gb of digital photos without a problem. least out of the box, I couldn't get my digital photos which had voice memos' to synchronize, nor could I get my .avi files from digital camera to go over. In fact, I still can't figure out how to copy and transform a video whether from email, digital camera, or a DVD burned from a camcorder tape on a Philips DVD recorder.
A call to ARchos didn't help a bit. There have been some criticisms of their tech support; i've emailed twice this week with no response; at least the phone tech answered. I've tried some things, upgraded some apps and will call again, but unlike the seamless .jpg and .wma transfers, the video is elusive. I would probably buy this again, but I would definitely by the 100GB version, and will withold the final 2 stars of my rating until I see if I can ever get video to work.



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