Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Film Threat - News: "A day after the announcement of the new iPod, MTV bought popular, and long-standing, internet shorts showcase iFilm.com. And though it's just speculation, it's hard not to see that with one major website acquisition, MTV set itself to be the ones who could supply Apple with the most starter and catalog content. Music videos (they have them in a vault somewhere even though they don't show them on TV anymore), short films... what if MTV decides to start making their popular shows available for download? You mean I can download the daily TRL via iPod video podcast!?! Kill me now.

So now you might be asking, why are we discussing Apple and MTV? Has Film Threat become a shill for both? What does this have to do with me, indie filmmaker? One word: EVERYTHING.

Plus, the landscape of guerilla marketing changes. A couple years ago it became apparent that for any independent filmmaker to succeed above the pack, it was imperative to have a strong website to direct audiences to, to keep the film on the public's mind. Filmmakers cultivate mailing lists of journalists, film festival patrons and other industry contacts. Now the game changes, because instead of just press releases and web updates, you can show footage from your film. Instead of mailing lists, you can have podcast subscriptions. Got rejected from Sundance? Go to Park City with your iPod and show the film to folks waiting in line. Congrats, you've started the first iPod parasite film festival (industry note: I was the first one to say it and suggest it, so I better get credit). Pod-Dance, baby! (more)


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