Monday, October 31, 2005 to Debut 120 Shorts for Passat Campaign to Debut 120 Shorts for Passat Campaign - MarketingVOX:

"Volkswagen has produced 120 online short films (:15 seconds) for its new Passat campaign - the largest number in a single branded entertainment undertaking, which is also the final effort for VW by Havas's Arnold Worldwide of Boston, having lost the account to Crispin Porter & Bogusky of Miami - reports AdAge. The blitz is VW's biggest online launch.

Each short, just 15 seconds long, is being shown on the VW site and demonstrates a single feature of the redesigned 2006 Passat, with the feature itself being revealed only in the final seconds.

To highlight the side curtain airbags, for example, the film is of a man wearing a large Afro wig who isn't bothered by a baseball's breaking through his window and hitting his head." (more)

NOTE: I don't know what these ads are suppose to do, but for me that are way off the mark. After watching 3, they couldn't pay me enough to see anymore. Interesting idea. Bad production.


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