Friday, October 28, 2005

The Public Eye - Daily Video News Report: A Little Q&A With Producer Jack Hardy

How is The Public Eye different from RocketBoom?

The Public Eye is a decidedly more conservative Webcast, politically and socially than RB. As a West coast venture, it's also unique in its approach to business and consumer news with a distinct technology flavor.

We also use technology tools to enhance the graphic appeal and design for viewers--in other words, our goal is to offer high production value.

2) How did you meet and decide to use Kristin Reilly?

After a regional talent search in SW Washington and the Portland, Ore. metro area, I culled the list of finalists to a select group for video auditions. Kristin was the last interview and when she was forced to reschedule, I almost passed because I believed I had already found two very good candidates.

When she came in to audition, she literally rocked my world.

Everything changed. She has real star power. Not only that,
she is dedicated, hard working, honest and frankly--a real blast to hang out with. Plus, she is extremely technology savvy which is a huge plus.

3) What is Kristin's background?

College student, employed full time in healthcare profession,
modeling/on-camera work

4) Why did you decide to launch PublicEye at this time?

To take advantage of the convergence of new media as broadband Internet and wireless access becomes more commonplace. Also, to jumpstart the competition and become a leader in the industry as the larger technology providers sort out the issues of infrastructure and beging seeking content providers.

5) What equipment do you use to produce The Public Eye?

High-end Gateway desktop, Sony DV camcorder, Serious Magic

6) What boat did you sell so that you could do the show?

It was a 1996 Glastron runabout that seated 8--which my family won't let me forget.

7) How do you expect to generate revenue?

The only two models which make sense are subscriptions and/or

8) Where do you want The Public Eye to be in 12 months? 5 years?

In one year I want it to be profitable. Within 5 years it could be part of an international network of CNN-like connected video bloggers. Sort of the AP of video journalism.

9) What do you put in your home made Tacos?

Just about any kind of meat, but most importantly: green salsa.


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