Thursday, October 27, 2005

Now Playing: Your Home Video - New York Times

Now Playing: Your Home Video - New York Times: "Captain Jack is an atypical movie star. A blind Chihuahua rescued from a shelter, he does not have a B-list celebrity owner or a craving for tacos. And he can be a bit cantankerous, according to his companion, Deborah Tallent. 'He didn't like me at first, until I gave him a piece of chicken,' she said."

But on the Internet, Jack is one well-known dog, the star of a minor motion picture called "Capt. Jack: The Movie." It's available on ClipShack, one of a new generation of video-sharing sites that offer camcorder Coppolas and cellphone Scorceses a place to upload videos and make them available to friends, family members and the world at large.

Users of the sites, like Ms. Tallent, say that they offer a simpler alternative to sending large video files by e-mail, burning them onto a DVD or posting them on a personal Web site. And, if users opt to make their videos publicly available, they can be viewed - and commented on - by a wider audience.

The entrepreneurs who have started companies like ClipShack, Vimeo, YouTube and are betting that as consumers discover the video abilities built into their cellphones and digital still cameras, and get better at editing the often-lengthy video from their camcorders, they will be eager to share video on the Web. While most of the services are free today, the entrepreneurs eventually hope to make money by selling ads or charging fees for premium levels of service. (more)


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