Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Working Stiff: “A low-budget charmer”

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Hollywood Clicks on the Work of Web Auteurs

NY Times

EVEN as David Lehre’s “MySpace: The Movie,” an 11-minute parody of the social-networking Web site, spawned a high-profile feeding frenzy, some of the Hollywood agents, managers and lawyers who were clamoring to represent him didn’t know much about who he was, what he did or what they would do if they got him. But they wanted him anyway.

“It’s their fear of not being a part of it,” said Scott Vener, Mr. Lehre’s manager, who first discovered him on the video-sharing Web site YouTube, where “MySpace” became an Internet phenomenon.

Some people say that the film industry has more to fear than just being late to the party. If the Net begins spawning films — and not simply helping to market or deliver them, as has happened to date — studios’ grip on the business of putting pictures on screens may be challenged.

“Their nightmare is a direct feed from moviemaker to audience,” said Walter Kirn, a frequent contributor to The New York Times who has been serializing his novel “The Unbinding” on www.slate.com and saw one of his other novels, “Thumbsucker,” adapted to the big screen. “Their only trump cards are that they are pools of capital for making expensive things. Otherwise they are cut out of the action.”

YouTube Becoming a User Contributed Video Blogging Platform

If YouTube truly scrubbed all copyrighted material from their site tomorrow, what would be left? Would there be ANYTHING left interesting enough to draw an audience? I believe the answer is yes, in the form of video blogs.

The Blogger's Platform Dilemma

Bloggers, regardless of format (written, images, podcasts, or video) all face a similar decision point early in their lifespan: Should I host my own blog, or use a blogging platform? It's not an easy question to answer since there are many variables to consider in this choice. (More}

Listen To Article - Text-To-Speech Synthesis App (very cool)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Study challenges myths about bloggers

Joe Garofoli, Chronicle Staff Writer
Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A popular notion about bloggers is that they're pajama-wearing partisan ranters living in Mommy's basement. There they wile away their under-employed time obsessing about the latest Connecticut Senate race poll, while fancying themselves a new type of journalist, independent of government's influence and free to make up facts.

The reality of the blogosphere is a lot less partisan, a lot more diverse and nearly half female, according to a new study from the Pew Internet and American Life Project. Many of the nation's estimated 12 million adult bloggers -- a three-fold increase in two years -- are like Christina Palsky.

The suburban Philadelphia resident is under 30, blogs as a creative outlet and does not fancy herself a journalist. And like most bloggers, she has never published before and is more interested in sharing her life with the world than ranting about politics or popular culture. Palsky's audience is in the hundreds and, like most bloggers, she is well-educated, gainfully employed and blogs fully clothed.

"This study does unpack a lot of myths we have about bloggers," said Amanda Lenhart, a Pew senior research specialist who co-authored the study. "What it shows is that the technology is bringing a lot more voices to the national conversation. No, they might not all have the most scintillating things to say, but they are bringing a greater diversity to the dialogue."

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


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Monday, July 17, 2006

VideoSift: The Best of Google Video, YouTube, Yahoo! Video, Vimeo, Grouper and iFilm

this video is ranked 4 out of 2751 on VideoSift today
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VideoSift is a website that allows its members to submit interesting videos from around the web. Submitted videos are posted in the VideoSift Queue for the consideration of other VideoSift members. Users may vote on videos that they like. When a certain level of votes for a video is reached, the video will be published on the front page.

At this time, VideoSift only accepts videos from certain video hosts that use Flash Video. This format is the most widely usable by the Internet community: Linux, Mac and Windows Users. We do not have any plans for hosting or linking to QuickTime, Windows Media, Real or other proprietary formats.

Friday, July 14, 2006

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Puzzle Pieces Of The Rocketboom Soap Opera

Vlogging with Rocketboom's Andrew Congdon

Congdon said she plans to weigh her options in the next few weeks. (She said she and her boyfriend — former Rocketboom producer and director Mario Librandi — and her brother — former Rocketboom producer Andrew Congdon — are a package deal. - Scarborough Country

Andrew Baron (Left), Amanda Congdon, Rob Boudon, & Mario Librandi. (Photo: Rob Boudon)

Amanda did not quit Rocketboom, she refused to accept Andrew Barons final proposal to reduce her share in the company, and become only, "the face" of Rocketboom. Very old media of him. In a meeting, Andrew Baron could produce no reason that Amanda Congdon could not move to L.A. other than, "I just don't want it." Amanda has in fact not left Rocketboom, but has been kept, by Andrew Baron, from Rocketboom and its viewers. - Mario Librandi

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Yahoo 9

Yahoo's media meister Lloyd Braun has stated flat out that the Sunnyvale Web portal isn't going to become an online video network to rival television.

But he's left the door open to some experiments in online broadcasting - the latest of which premiered as a test this week. Called "The 9," the show is a daily countdown of nine Web sites of interest, whether on the Yahoo network or off.

The host, Maria Sansone, is a former mtvU personality (as in MTV's college television network). Recommendations lean towards the kitchy and kooky: DancingPaul.com, a Web site where users can make a guy dance, for example.

New installments of around two minutes each are available five days a week, and are filmed by an outside producer in New York. A second Yahoo show, Hook Me Up, is available in Yahoo's personal tech area after premiering in May.

Source: SF Gate

RocketBoom's New Host

It is offical - Joanne Colan is the replacement for Amanda Congdon.
Doesn't Joanne kind of look like Amanda in this photo?

While Rockeboom fans wait for Joanne get in front of the Rocketboom lights, they can learn more about the former MTV VJ on her new blog site.

Joanne Colan's first RB show

CNET: Blow-By-Blow Article On The Brits First Show

Well, it took a couple days longer than planned, but Rocketboom is back up and running. With a new, post-Amanda Congdon face.

The "interim" host is a woman called Joanne Colan, who sports a charming and cosmopolitan English accent. And she comes across as spunky, confident and not even a little bit intimidated to fill Congdon's shoes.

Timing-wise, the launch couldn't have been more on the mark. That's because the first RB 2.0, as Colan calls it, comes on the same day that Kyle MacDonald completed his quest to trade up from a red paperclip to a house. In tribute, Colan hit the streets of New York in search of some trades of her own. (Read More)

CNET: Behind Rocketboom's breakup fireworks

On July 5, the news broke that Amanda Congdon, the face of the immensely popular New York-based video blog Rocketboom, would no longer be the face.

What was not clear were the circumstances behind Congdon's departure. On competing sites, Rocketboom's majority owner, Andrew Baron, said that Congdon had quit because she wanted to move to Los Angeles and that he wasn't able to meet her demands to move the video blog's production facilities there. Among other places, Baron posted his version of things directly on Rocketboom.com. (Read Interview)

Listen To A Audio Clip from Amanda's CNET phone interview

CNET Editial Staff chews the fat over Rocketboom (VIDEO/PODCAST)

Andrew Baron, Rocketboom founder, gives his account of events regarding the Amanda Congdon Affair

Amanda Congdon produces her own show "Unboomed..."

Amanda Congdon Spoof Video


Time Magazine - 10 Questions for Amanda Congdon
MSNBC - Internet star tries to make it on her own

CES News
MacsimumNewsInterview: Amanda Congdon of Rocketboom (July 6, 2006)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sophie Talks About Her New Do

Watch the video
Jack Olmsted, 4-H Network News, talks to Sophie about her new hair cut.

4 Days Working As A Minimum Wage Food Server, Bus Guy

Watch the video
Jack Olmsted, 4-H Network News, talks to a teen about his 4 days of working as a Minimum Wage Food Server, Bus Guy at the Commons at Fort Warden, in Port Townsend, WA.