Friday, September 30, 2005

Expo TV Unveils Videopinions: A New Dimension and Destination for Consumer-Generated Content: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

Expo TV Unveils Videopinions: A New Dimension and Destination for Consumer-Generated Content: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance: "Airing TV's First Video Product Reviews by 'Real People'; Call to Action for Consumers in All Product Categories

Expo TV breaks new ground for consumers by offering Videopinions, a destination where consumers can submit and watch 'real life' product reviews, it was announced today by Daphne Kwon, president and CEO, Expo Communications. Videopinions harnesses the power of user- generated videos to create a powerful new tool for consumers.

Videopinions provides the first national destination where real people can submit and watch unbiased consumer product testimonials. Combining the power of personal storytelling with compelling "real life" product demonstration, Videopinions reviewers are able to show other consumers how products stand up to the test of everyday living. Expo TV will air these Videopinions through its nationally distributed video-on-demand cable network, online at and on its 24/7 cable network launching later this year.

Expo TV is a new independent television network and online video destination dedicated to making consumers more satisfied buyers. The Videopinions gallery leverages Expo TV's television programming expertise and consumer-oriented focus by showcasing informative and entertaining user- generated content. (more)"

Santa Cruz, CA: Video Killed the Blogging Star

Just when you got used to the blogging boom, along comes another savvy Web-related innovation

by Sergey Loginov

A lot of ink has been spilled about blogging, a Web-based activity that ranges from outbursts of verbal diarrhea and exhibitionism to what was highly regarded by media critics as acts of citizen journalism. Blogs have revitalized the meaning of the phrase “freedom of speech”—everybody who has something to say now has access to a cheap and effective medium of mass communication with the rest of the world. The clunky word “blog” comes from “Web log.” A few years ago it made its way into the Oxford English Dictionary. Pretty soon this solid publication may have to consider an even clunkier entry—“vlog.” As you have already guessed, it comes from “video blog.”

Vlog is a relatively new medium that promises to be the next big thing. Just as its ubiquitous text predecessor, video blog doesn’t require much money and technical expertise. If the number of blogs that exist now in the world has exceeded 60 million, vlogs are still in the stage of hundreds. But it will change pretty soon, at least according to Taylor Barcroft, a video blogger from Santa Cruz whose vlog was named as one of the world’s best by London’s The Independent. Barcroft thinks that the only problem that prevents people from mass adoption of this innovation is a lack of understanding among most people that this medium even exists yet, much less that they have the technology to receive it already in their possession. (more)

Sprint TV Live Launches With 19 New Channels - Mobiledia

Sprint TV Live Launches With 19 New Channels - Mobiledia: "Sprint today announced the launch of Sprint TV Live, the newest addition to the Emmy Award-winning Sprint PCS Vision Multimedia Services. Sprint TV Live offers Sprint PCS Vision subscribers channels of continuous broadcast TV content from a variety of popular television stations such as FOX Sports, ABC News Now, The Learning Channel (TLC) and Discovery. Sprint TV Live is available nationwide and streams at up to 15 frames per second.

With Sprint TV Live, customers now can watch up-to-the-minute coverage of breaking news on FOX News Channel Live, check in on their favorite NFL team with exclusive video highlights from NFL Network, or see the latest music videos from California Music Channel (CMC), all in a user-friendly, TV-like interface on their Sprint PCS Vision Multimedia Phone. "


YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.: ""

Another classic music vid from teen COURTIZZLE. She is on a roll.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

UF freshman stars in AOL reality show


The Independent Florida Alligator: "Jessica is one of more than 7,000 freshmen who started at UF this Fall, but she's the only one to star in a new reality show.

Nineteen-year-old Jessica (photo), whose last name is not being released for privacy reasons, is one of six first-year college students from across the United States chosen to be featured in America Online's 'Project Freshman,' an online reality show that documents the students as they adjust to their new college lives.

The students were given digital video cameras to film their experiences in personal, real-life settings.

Each week Jessica gets an assignment from her producer based on her schedule for the week. She also is required to record video confessionals and keep a blog on AOL at least once a week, and converse with viewers if they have questions or comments.

Project Freshman's first episode aired Sept. 22, and new episodes will air every Thursday."

Publish Video Online In One-Click: The Egg Video Publisher - Robin Good's Latest News (Excerpts)

Publish Video Online In One-Click: The Egg Video Publisher - Robin Good's Latest News: "By far, the most difficult step for any would-be online video producer, blogger or videomaker is the ability to master the idiosyncrasies of a multitude of different video formats, encoding and compression nightmares and the needs to serve the same content optimized for different users and connections. Nonetheless all the buzz around video blogging and the online video revolution, it still remains very hard for the layman and non-technical person to conquer and come to master all these many technical issues.

The Video Egg Publisher, is a new web-based service (Windows-only for now - Mac support coming next) that provides an ultra-smooth user experience to any would-be online video publisher. The Flash-based VideoEgg Player, is a "playerless" solution that does not require any external video player software like Windows Media player or QuickTime to be installed.

Once you access your online Video Egg account, capturing a video clip already downloaded in your computer or shooting a live commentary of yourself via your camcorder or webcam is also as easy as making a couple of clicks.

Streaming video means that the user that arrives in front of your video clip does not have to first download the video and then watch it, but that the user can click the play button under the video and can start almost immediately to watch its contents.

All of the video magic that Video Egg does it's realized with the power of Adobe/Macromedia Flash the ubiquitous media platform that can deliver graphics, animation, audio, VoIP and video to users on any operating system or web browser.

Video Egg takes full and best advantage of even the latest Flash capabilities accessible if you install on your computer the latest free Flash plugin (ver 8). In my initial tests with Video Egg I found the video quality to be quite good (especially if the latest Flash plugin mentioned above is installed). Even without the latest plugin video clips do stream almost immediately and their quality is at least on a par with what you get from services using the same technology (YouTube, JussPress).
" (more)

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Hurricane Katrina Photo Slide Show - Green Day: When September Ends


"A very beautiful tribute to all the victims. Here in Belgium we heared about the tragedies, but your video brought the disaster to my home and to my heart..."

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

VEOH: Video Blogger Makes A Pitch

Spread the PINK!

click photo to watch video

Halcyon, a pink haired video blogger, makes a pitch for Veoh, a new free beta video hosting service and community that launched last week.


SAN DIEGO – September 21, 2005 – Veoh Networks, Inc., the first Internet Television Peercasting Network, today announced the public availability and testing of its Veoh 1.0 Beta. Veoh 1.0 allows video content producers to publish full-screen video to the network and lets consumers easily find the specific video content they are seeking. (Veoh Blog)

“We are excited to launch this first beta of our product, and start to get consumer and publisher feedback,” said Dmitry Shapiro, CEO of Veoh Networks. “Over the next few months you will see a wide expansion of our offerings – but in the meantime, there are thousands of shows now that viewers can watch and enjoy.” (more)

Monday, September 26, 2005

BuzzMachine ? Guardian column: Exploding TV

A TV revolution from the corner of the living room

Jeff Jarvis
Monday September 26, 2005
The Guardian

Television is exploding. Witness: A year ago, comedian and commentator Jon Stewart, star of the acclaimed American news satire The Daily Show, appeared on CNN’s left/right shout-show Crossfire to berate the hosts for their incessant arguing. “Stop, stop, stop hurting America,” Stewart pleaded. And stop they did, for Crossfire was soon cancelled.

That now-legendary TV moment was seen live on CNN by about 150,000 viewers. But then the segment was copied on to, where to date it has been viewed 3.25m times - plus countless millions more via BitTorrent and other file-sharing programs.

So which is more powerful: the gigantic, closed network owned by CNN? Or the network no one owns, the internet? And which has more potential? Well, just last week, reported that another media giant, Viacom, was looking to buy iFilm. That is a sign that the real future of media is not centralised, controlled, and big but instead distributed, open, and small. (more)

WATCH VIDEO: Meet the Zinesters!

Meet the Zinesters!

Sound bytes from zine publishers and video bloggers:

fireant, lilycat, laughing squid, josh wilson, schlomo rabinowitz, courtneyp, vlog, charles, lisaelroy, joshua kinberg, community, blip tv, mike, webzine2005, scott beale, video, newsdesk, eddie, sfbaybloggers, sfmetblogs, zine


More Zinesters get camera time:

NOTE: Great blue screen background...but the background audio is annoying. To fix this problem, the mike should have been positioned closer to the interviewees' lips.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

We Are The Media : Interview with Karmagrrrl Zadi (Green Day Remix Featured in NYTimes)

We Are The Media : Interview with Karmagrrrl Zadi

Click to Play

Magic Bus Goes 4 A Spin

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.: ""

The Magic Bus, a kinetic sculputure entered in The 2005 Great Port Townsend Bay Kinetic Sculpture Race that will be held on Oct. 1-2, climbs a hill and rolls over the camera. For the Glory! Photo/Video contest, more information, articles, etc... Kinetic Universe Video/Photo Blog

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Mac Switch Parody by Hunter Cressall

Mac Switch Parody by Hunter Cressall
: ""

Art of the Internet: A Protest Song, Reloaded - New York Times

Wake Me Up When September Ends - Katrina Video

"Some songs have all the luck. They lead double, even triple lives, meaning everything to everyone, and meaning it passionately.

Last month, Green Day's 'Wake Me Up When September Ends' was serving both as a protest song against the war in Iraq and as a patriotic ballad. It was (and still is) one of the most requested music videos on MTV. Now, thanks to the Internet, it is a song about the devastation that followed Katrina.

Today, it's the same old song with a different meaning. Two weeks ago, Karmagrrrl, a blogger also known as Zadi, paired the Green Day ballad with television news coverage of Katrina and posted it at her Web site, Her video fits the lyrics like a glove.

Karmagrrrl's video begins with a view of green trees out the window of a bus. "Summer has come and passed, the innocent can never last," the song goes. "Wake me up when September ends." On the floor of the bus, you see a pair of red sneakers toeing the headline "HELP US" on a folded copy of The New York Post from Sept. 1. The picture in the newspaper shows a pair of feet in cardboard sandals." (more)

Published: September 24, 2005

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Stopped by Police For Video Taping Female Driver On The Road

On A Galaxie Far Far Away, our friends were stopped by police after a woman called them in after thinking they were video taping her.


So if you are out and about with video, what is the obligation of
getting permission from anyone that may get caught on tape?

I would imagine that if someone directly states they do not want to be filmed, then the courtesy is to not film him or her. But what
about someone that doesn't make it clear?

Someone in the background of the shot or passing by?
Is silence consent?

Should an effort be made to inform them they are being filmed and to obtain permission?

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

WATCH VIDEO:Interactive Movie Animation: Play With Me

Van Sowerwine: Play With Me

Access Interactive Movie (QT)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

WATCH VIDEO - Mac Switch Parody: iPorn

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.: ""

Monday, September 19, 2005

WATCH VIDEO: Madonna & Steve Jobs Gab via iChat

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.: ""

Saturday, September 17, 2005

YouTube - Crissy is 25 and has been blogging since 1997

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.: ""

This is her first video blog post.

Friday, September 16, 2005

WATCH VIDEO: Current Studio // dharmadogpictures // Organic Rap

Current Studio // dharmadogpictures // Organic Rap:

"TV show host meets organic rapper at a sustainability festival. Only to the surprise of all the host is quite talented himself, being a human beat box cranking out the beat.

Organic Rap is a song so organic there is no background music, and is in the spirit of community brotherhood as these two people met for the first time one sunny day in Scottsdale Arizona while shooting a pilot for a TV show about sustainability, eco-design, permaculture and changes around the planet which are quickly heading our way. Brought to you by Dharma Dog Pictures - serving the visual dharma."

Thursday, September 15, 2005

WATCH VIDEO: YouTube: Dancing Videos

oasis of idle wanderings

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Best Video of the Current Summer Challenge // binowhite // Joe Gets Dope

Current Studio // binowhite // Joe Gets Dope

Joe Gets Dope
he also got first place
and a pocket full of $$$
for his 4:45 minute vid

it is all good...

Sunday, September 11, 2005

BBC NEWS | Vloggers get political in Norway

BBC NEWS | Technology | Vloggers get political in Norway:

Twenty-seven-year-old Raymond Kristiansen weaves quickly in and out of the crowds of locals and tourists on the streets of Bergen. He carries with him a small, hand-held camcorder that seems like a natural extension of his arm.

Kristiansen is constantly on the prowl for footage. 'Often I just walk around and share moments,' he says.

'Sharing moments' is what Kristiansen does as a video-blogger.
'I like to take walks when I'm having my breaks at work, and then I vlog my walks and put them online. I can just ramble on about philosophy, or whatever.' "

Saturday, September 10, 2005

WATCH VIDEO: Control Machete at Bumbershoot

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.: ""

Monterrey, Mexico's Control Machete flows in fine style, blending English and Spanish as smoothly as they mix beats.

These guys have made hip hop stick in Mexico, mixing American hip hop style with the laid-back Mexican lifestyle of their urban city without spelling it out or dumbing it down. The beats are thumping and the rhymes are tight, so kick back, download, and light up. It's going to be a nice ride.

Friday, September 09, 2005

WATCH VIDEO: Go Fuck Yourself, Dick Cheney

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.: ""

susan's vlog: a day in susan's life in 5 second clips

susan's vlog

Susan, 29, lives near Dallas, works full time and has a husband named Scott, 32, a daughter Rainlin, 6, and a son Dylan, 5.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

WATCH VIDEO: Bill Gates - A short chat with Microsoft's Chief Software Architect

Bill Gates - A short chat with Microsoft's Chief Software Architect

Robert Scoble , Microsoft's Geek Blogger, goes one-on-one with Bill Gates.


WATCH VIDEO: Wake Me Up When September Ends - Katrina Recap Video

Video Blogger Zadi made a Katrina Recap Video to Green Day's tune Wake me up when September Ends

Watch Video (QT).

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

WATCH VIDEO: Various Hurricane Katrina News Report Clips (QT)

Various Hurricane Katrina News Report Clips (QT)


Monday, September 05, 2005

WATCH VIDEO: Democracy Now! | Survivors From New Orleans Speak Out About Week of Horror

Democracy Now! | Survivors From New Orleans Speak Out About Week of Horror

Democracy Now was at the Louis Armstrong airport where thousands of hurricane survivors are being shipped around the country.

WATCH VIDEO - Geraldo at the Convention Center

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.: ""

Sobbing Geraldo:
Let the people go!
Rivera, Shep Smith make emotional pleas as survivors 'trapped' at convention center

Emotions are running high in the aftermath of catastrophic Hurricane Katrina, not only among the survivors, but also among the media covering the New Orleans Convention Center, considered ground zero for post-storm squalor and mayhem.

Fox News reporter Geraldo Rivera was filled with tears in his eyes and his voice fluttered with sorrow as he made an on-air plea to authorities to allow the estimated 30,000 storm victims at the center to be allowed to move to a safer, cleaner area.

"Let them walk out of here, let them walk the hell out of here!" Rivera sobbed. "Walk to some other town. Walk someplace where you can help 'em. ... These people in the same clothes, where do you think they go to the bathroom? They don't wash their hands, they don't wash their face, these babies. What the hell?" (more)

WATCH VIDEO: Charmine Neville's Survival Story

Charmaine Neville's New Orleans Survival Story on WAFB Channel 9, Baton Rouge, LA.

Charmine Neville is a New Orleans Jazz singer.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

WATCH VIDEO: Rocketboom -katrina disaster report


introducing rocketboom houston, texas field correspondent tyson root, katrina disaster relief funds: red cross, katrina aftermath homepage, now public missing persons board, noahs wish animal rescue

WATCH VIDEO: We have been abandoned by our own country

The tear-filled eyes of Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard as he was interviewed by Tim Russert on today's Meet the Press:

(WMV File - 5.01MB)

The guy who runs this building I’m in, Emergency Management, he’s responsible for everything. His mother was trapped in St. Bernard nursing home and every day she called him and said, “Are you coming, son? Is somebody coming?” and he said, “Yeah, Mama, somebody’s coming to get you.” Somebody’s coming to get you on Tuesday. Somebody’s coming to get you on Wednesday. Somebody’s coming to get you on Thursday. Somebody’s coming to get you on Friday… and she drowned Friday night. She drowned Friday night! [Sobbing] Nobody’s coming to get us. Nobody’s coming to get us… (more)

Hurricane Katrina Live Coverage

Hurricane Katrina Live Coverage

Excellent broadband multimedia Aggregate news coverage!

This is the model for the mainstream news networks to follow...

WATCH VIDOE: YouTube - August 2005 Contest Runner UP

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.: ""

Saturday, September 03, 2005

WATCH VIDEO: Kanye West on NBC - "George Bush Doesn 't Care About Black People"

Kanye West on NBC - "George Bush Doesn 't Care About Black People" : NOLA Indymedia

Kanye West on NBC - "George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People"
by repost Saturday, Sep. 03, 2005 at 7:43 AM

"I hate the way they portray us in the media. You see a black family and they say we are looting, you see a white family and they say they are looking for food. And, you know, its been five days..."

video: windows media at 3.7 mebibytes

Current Studio // JPOGDNA // Katrina Prespective

Current Studio // JPOGDNA // Katrina Prespective

I created this video a short while after recieving an email from Current about the Katrina assignment they want people to make. I decided to make one after seeing parts of the storm pass over my house, so I grabbed my camera and started shooting what I saw outside, I as well took clips from the news and added together to form a sort of tale on how Katrina is and will effect us in the coming weeks.

Friday, September 02, 2005

media katrina | Ourmedia

media katrina | Ourmedia

these fithy pigs in the media think they are celebrities, not reporters. they're pigs! what's next? what's next? what's next??


WATCH VIDEO: hurricane relief

hurricane relief | Ourmedia

local take on what students are doing for the katrina relief effort


WATCH VIDEO: Vast military convoy enters New Orleans - Hurricane Katrina -

Vast military convoy enters New Orleans - Hurricane Katrina - "Thousands were stranded at the New Orleans Convention Center Friday morning. NBC photojournalist Tony Zumbado describes the scene."

Flickr: Photos tagged with hurricanekatrina

More Flickr photos tagged with hurricanekatrina

Rocketboom: katrina storm coverage

Rocketboom: "katrina storm images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, music: sea spirits by jesse manno, disaster relief funds: red cross, katrina aftermath homepage, now public missing persons board, noahs wish animal rescue"

Current TV // Blog // Citizen Rescue

Current TV // Blog // Citizen Rescue

A VC2 report from Jared Arsement in New Orleans.

Right now, at this moment in history, TV is the most powerful medium in the world.

Its reach and influence are unparalleled. It makes or breaks products and politicians alike, paints our picture of the world, and glues our culture together. And yet, who controls it?

Now, you do.

This is our outpost in a locked-down television landscape. Here, the channel goes two ways. Here, you are viewer and producer. Welcome to Current.

Current is a new, independent cable and satellite TV network, available in 20 million homes around the United States -- and growing.

Current is about what's going on.

We follow the global pulse via Google Current, a real-time view of what the world's searching for, presented every half-hour around the clock.

We slice the rest of the schedule into short pods -- each just a few minutes long -- that range far and wide, from international dispatches to profiles of cool people to intelligence on new trends. This is not a traditional TV network; watching Current, you'll see more, on more topics, from more points of view.

And much of it comes straight from you.

We call it viewer-created content, or VC2, and it's created in the Current Studio, an online extension of our real studios in San Francisco and LA. Anybody can join in to produce VC2 (and get paid for it) or watch and vote for what goes on TV.

See those four squares in our logo? We call it the cursor, and like an old-school command prompt, it means we're awaiting input.

From you.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Gore's Current TV network puts young viewers in control

Gore's Current TV network puts young viewers in control: "It was impossible not to snicker a little at the notion of Al Gore creating a hip, youth-oriented cable network, and sure enough, Current TV is, at first glance, a punch line: MTV without the music.

But after only three weeks, Current is not a joke. It actually lives up to its billing as a slick, commercial cable network that gives its audience a voice in the programming.

The debt to MTV is clear. The VJ Jason Silva and other embarrassingly smooth presenters look like extras from 'The O.C.' and talk accordingly. (One described the network as 'a tapas bar of ideas.') And the stock is still so small that certain features -- suicide rates in Japan, the latest in German messenger bags -- are repeated over and over.

But the cable network, which is aimed at viewers 18 to 34, is not a Democratic Party pep rally or a liberal alternative to Fox News. Mostly, it is a loop of short subject features, from 15 seconds to five minutes."

WATCH VIDEO: MSN Video - A pair of extreme weather photographers video taped Katrina flooding their Holiday Inn Lobby

MSN Video

When most people were heading out of Hurricane Katrina's path, Mike Theiss and Jim Reed, a pair of extreme weather photographers, were going in. NBC Today Show interview.

ABC News: Citizen Reporters: Send Us Your Photos and Video

ABC News: Citizen Reporters: Send Us Your Photos and Video: "Sometimes the person with a closest view of the news is an average citizen with a digital camera. Help us report on the stories that touch our lives most directly by sending your still or video images to us for use on ABC News programs and online at"