Monday, September 05, 2005

WATCH VIDEO - Geraldo at the Convention Center

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Sobbing Geraldo:
Let the people go!
Rivera, Shep Smith make emotional pleas as survivors 'trapped' at convention center

Emotions are running high in the aftermath of catastrophic Hurricane Katrina, not only among the survivors, but also among the media covering the New Orleans Convention Center, considered ground zero for post-storm squalor and mayhem.

Fox News reporter Geraldo Rivera was filled with tears in his eyes and his voice fluttered with sorrow as he made an on-air plea to authorities to allow the estimated 30,000 storm victims at the center to be allowed to move to a safer, cleaner area.

"Let them walk out of here, let them walk the hell out of here!" Rivera sobbed. "Walk to some other town. Walk someplace where you can help 'em. ... These people in the same clothes, where do you think they go to the bathroom? They don't wash their hands, they don't wash their face, these babies. What the hell?" (more)


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