Wednesday, August 31, 2005

WATCH VIDEO: Vimeo Victim! Forced to resign for Vidblogging.

Vimeo / Vimeo Victim! Forced to resign for Vidblogging.: "Today I was forced to resign from The Metropolitan Museum for having 4 short video clips of myself at work on vimeo. The links to the clips are below and they will be up for a week, after which I will remove them at the behest of the Museum. I believe this makes me the first person to lose their job over a vidblog."

View this clip on Vimeo

WATCH VIDEO: WDSU New Orleans Hurricane LIVE Coverage

WSDU New Orleans Live Streaming Video

Source: LiveJournal Community: New Orleans

WATCH VIDEO: : Biloxi, MI Mayor's Office During Katrina

Shot during Katrina from mayor's office in Biloxi, by Vincent Creel


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Mefeedia on the PSP

Mefeedia on the PSP
Originally uploaded by Eric Rice.
The Videoblog Wall powered by a Javascript from

Eric Rice Video Blog Post:

The experiment was posting Playstation Portable-compatible/formatted videos to a blog using Audioblog (which will post the flash video AND the enclosure (feedburner

The weblog is formatted in a way that it will look good on the PSP's 408x272

I then made a splash page on my web server that had my ugly mug and a link to a page that had nothing more than Peter's neat video archive 'vlogwall' javascript available at (he calls it an instant

The result is a site that looks like this on a PSP Splash page:
Mefeedia Archive:

The PSP browser makes the page format pretty well, although you can play with
the stylesheets to adjust spacing.

And the bonus of this for all you iTunes fans: Quicktime is Quicktime. If you post PSP- ready videos to your videoblog, they're instantly video podcasts in iTunes as well as accessible directly via PSP over the web. The same applies to FireAnt and all the other aggregators out there that play video.

One final thing... this PSP is a bigger deal than you might think. It's not
socially awkward
to have a PSP in public, and the fact that you can connect to the web over wifi
to get audio,
pictures, video (and of course the web) is a huge step. *Huge*...

Do you want to penetrate that demographic to evangelize making media? I sure as
hell do.


Eric Rice Citizen Journalists: Send your pictures, video, stories Citizen Journalists: Send your pictures, video, stories: "CNN wants to know how the 2005 hurricane season is affecting you. Send us your thoughts and stories. The best stories include details, the more the better.

Some of the videos, photos and audio submitted may be selected for use in's Hurricane Season special report, CNN television programming or other CNN programming services about hurricanes, so by sending information you are agreeing to our terms of use."

Send to:

Photos: Maximum file size: 200k per photo/5 total
File type: JPG or GIF

Audio: Maximum file size: 1 MB

Video: Maximum file size: 2MB
File type: MPG or MOV

Hurricane Katrina Aftermath Public Blog & Modcast

Originally uploaded by bamassippi.
I've just launched an open blog and mobcast for people interested in
following the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina:

The blog is set up so that anyone can post a blog entry, podcast or
photo to the site. I'm particularly hoping that residents of the Gulf
Coast will be willing to call in and let people know how things are
going for them. Similarly, anyone who would like to share ways to help
out, or wishes to share their thoughts on the hurricane, may post as
well. (I'm still trying to figure out an automated mechanism for posting

Here's how to participate.

Post a blog entry:

Send an email to katrina2005.comments @ The title of your
email will be the title of the blog entry, and the email body will be
the blog entry body. If you don't want your contact information, you
should remove your signature file. Attachments will not be posted.

Record a podcast:

Dial 1-415-856-0205
Enter login 515-515-5555
PIN code 2005, then the # key
Record your message
Press the # key to save, then the 1 key to post

Post a photo:

The website is collecting photos from that are tagged with
the word "hurricanekatrina." Simply log on to Flickr (or create an
account), upload photos, and use this tag. Photos appear in the right
column of the blog's homepage.

I've also set up a "tag-o-rama" inside the right column of the blog. It
displays links to relevant key words like hurricane, katrina and new
orleans, linking to tagged content from Technorati (blogs), Flickr
(photos) and (websites).

Please feel free to share this email with anyone who might be interested
in participating.


Andy Carvin
Program Director
EDC Center for Media & Community

Monday, August 29, 2005

Wired News: Camera Phone Has Life After Theft

"A New York stock clerk who had his camera phone swiped from his car this month says he was able to peer into the life of the gadget's new owner. The thief evidently didn't realize the copious photos and videos he was taking with the hot phone were accessible through a web account.

John Clennan, 23, says someone rummaged through his unlocked car while he was working the nightshift at a Long Island convenience store earlier this month. Several days later Clennan realized his Sanyo 5500 was missing from the vehicle, and he called service provider Sprint PCS to have the service cut off.

Because the camera phone can only hold a limited number of images, Sprint lets subscribers upload photos from the device to a web account. "I decided to go and check out the web space and see if there were any pictures uploaded to it, and he had taken almost 40 pictures and five movies and uploaded them all," says Clennan.

Most of the images show the same young man, flexing for the camera in various states of dress, kissing a young woman, posing with apparent friends and family members, and generally having a good time with a new toy." (more)

Independent Online Edition > The world's best video diarists

Independent Online Edition > Media : app3: "Bloggers have moved into a new dimension - streaming video. Tomas Rawlings logs on to find the cream of the crop "

Today the Independent published a short laundry list of video blogs.

WATCH VIDEO: Huricanne Katrina - View Point From 2 Hours Away From New Orleans TopList -: "Want to see what it looks like at the outer wall of Huricanne Katrina? Check out the perspective of being just out of harms way."


YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.: ""

Two teenage girls have fun making a "Gangster" music video.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Lean Back Vids Video Blog (Vlog) The Mirror World

Take a virtual tour around Seattle using Google Earth and stop by to see some videos from our archive. GeoVlogging is the process associating a geographic location to a video blog post. In our first virtual voyage, you’ll be able to watch time pass over Lake Union and share in some of our Seattle experiences.

The Skinny:
The first stop in this video is the best apartment we’ve ever known. Located on Queen Anne, the huge deck looks across Lake Union toward Capital Hill. Next stop is the Seattle Center Fountain where you can splash in the water like a child. Then swoop downtown to walk up Terry Ave., one of Seattle steepest hills. Later, we stop in Safeco Field to catch a Mariners ga me… and almost a foul ball. Finally, you’re left with a few images to remember this beautiful downtown city we call home. (more)

YouTube - Honor Video - Hey clip

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.: ""

Current YouTube Honors:
» #51 - Top Favorite
» #16 - Most Discussed

Friday, August 26, 2005

Rocketboom's Powerful Lift-Off

Rocketboom's Powerful Lift-Off: "The news spoof is a model for video blogs -- and may transform the way TV is viewed

As the video opens, the young woman zips in from the left side of the screen, rolling her chair into place, behind a laminated desk and in front of a world map. 'I'm Amanda Congdon, and this is Rocketboom,' says the blonde with a big grin, explaining that today's show will be an experiment in rapid-fire dispatches.

With that, she shoots out of the screen to the right, reappearing from the left seconds later to report that American Idol fans cast 41 million votes by cell phone during the show's contest. "Damn," she deadpans. "That's more than voted for the President." She pauses, tips her head. "Well, maybe not." Then, zap, Congdon is yanked off the set once again and reappears to report on an iPod vending machine. Congdon rounds out the show with a spoof of a weather station pushing a "supercalifragilisticexpialidoppler" machine and a report on a $5.50 lock for Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

Don't bother looking for Congdon on your cable channel lineup. Rocketboom is a video blog, posted at, and in 10 months it has become the most popular site of its kind on the Net. The brainchild of former musician Andrew Michael Baron, who writes the shows with Congdon, the three-minute mock news program covers everything from tech trends to pop culture with frank irreverence, sly humor, and a big dollop of unabashed silliness.

The approach is resonating with viewers. Daily downloads have doubled in the past six weeks, to 50,000. If they stay on that pace, they'll soon approach the 200,000 viewers of an established cable show, such as CNBC's Kudlow & Cramer. "There was this excitement early on that we videobloggers were at the forefront of something, but we didn't know what would happen," says Baron."

By Heather Green in New York

Boing Boing: Cops have to pay $41k for stopping man from videoing them

Last month a federal judge awarded $35,000 in compensatory and $6000 in punitive damages to a man state troopers arrested for video taping them.
Given the Utah rave case and the Oakland police stop reported today, this seems like an important decision because it makes it clear that citizens are free to video law enforcement in action.

The ruling finds violations of the plaintiff's first and fourth amendment rights. It states "The activities of the police, like those of other public officials, are subject to public scrutiny...Videotaping is a legitimate means of gathering information for public dissemination and can often provide cogent evidence, as it did in this case. In sum, there can be no doubt that the free speech clause of the Constitution protected Robinson as he videotaped the defendants on October 23, 2002....Moreover, to the extent that the troopers were restraining Robinson from making any future videotapes and from publicizing or publishing what he had filmed, the defendants' conduct clearly amounted to an unlawful prior restraint upon his protected speech....We find that defendants are liable under § 1983 for violating Robinson's Fourth Amendment right to be protected from an unlawful seizure..."

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Yahoo! Groups : Video/Photo Contest

Fame, Glory & Prizes:
Summer Sizzle Photo Contest
Got the definitive summer shot or a super-cool summer video clip?
Enter them in our Summer Sizzle Photo Contest and you could be on
your way to fame, glory and prizes.

Win a new compact digicam. No, win a new tripod. Nope, how about
some huge memory cards? We're letting you decide what you win by
awarding Amazon gift certificates and letting you pick what the heck
you want. First prize takes a $250 Amazon gift certificate and
second prize wins a $100 certificate.

Entering is easy:

Add a public album with your entry or entries (up to 5 photos/videos
allowed for submission).
Add "summersizzle" as a contact in your contacts tab (be sure
to "uncheck" the "currently online" box when you add the contact as
summersizzle may be offline).
"Share" your album with "summersizzle".
The rules:
The rules are pretty simple. Enter by August 31, 2005. All
submissions must be taken by yourself and be your own property. The
photo or video clip (max. 1 minute) that best captures the Summer
Sizzle theme will be awarded a $250 (USD) Amazon gift certificate.
The runner up will receive a $100 certificate.

You retain ownership of your entry(s), although by entering you
grant us the right to display your entry(s) and name on our website
and within our network, newsletters and product (hey, that's
the "fame" part). Bribery is encouraged although it will have no
impact on the outcome of the contest.

Check out "The Hub" (our great new content feature within PiXPO 2.0)
for regular updates and you might just see your own entry in all its
glory. We'll be displaying some of the notable entries throughout
the contest - maybe even after the contest if they're really

To get a copy of our software (which you need to enter), simply
download at (btw, I know the site needs some work!).

click title for more information

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Those darn video blogging pioneers

Those darn video blogging pioneers: "In reporting for a video blogging story, I had a chance to look a little into what's going on with the video blogging community generally. I joke that they're a cabal, but there is nothing secret about them. They're a dedicated group of videoblogging advocates who are working to help all kinds of video bloom, whether commercial or personal. And they're making things happen.

Only about a year after being formed, the group at Yahoo, where people exchange tips and news, now numbers 1,200 people and they're thinking of splitting into subgroups, says Jay Dedman, the co-founder of the group. The group has ginned up presentation called Meet the Vloggers, which explains the basics of video blogging. And Apple has asked them to present in stores around the U.S. Meantime, online, a couple of early video bloggers, Ryanne Hodson and Michael Verdi, are using a stipend they are getting from software maker Outhink to run, an online site that teaches people how to video blog. "

Heather Green

The Seattle Times: Hempfest fans rockin' the joint

Spontaneous drum circles, stick jugglers wearing jester hats and a raffle for a 3 ½-foot-tall bong.

It must be Hempfest.

When the festival ends today, organizers expect the gathering — billed as "the world's phattest protestival" — to have drawn as many as 150,000 attendees to Myrtle Edwards Park for free concerts, pro-pot speeches and a milelong strip of hemp-based shopping opportunities. In the market for "hemp litter for small pets"?

The event, now in its 14th year, aims to decriminalize marijuana and legalize domestic hemp production. It's illegal to grow hemp — a cousin of marijuana — in the United States. But products made from it — such as paper, soap and granola mix — are legal to sell and consume. However, some consider the peasant skirts and ponchos commonly made from the fibers to be crimes of fashion.

Amid the rope jewelry and $5 brownies yesterday, the medical marijuana movement took center stage with a speech by Angel Raich of California. Raich was the chief litigant in the U.S. Supreme Court case that earlier this year upheld the federal government's power to prosecute patients who smoke marijuana — and the people who grow it for them — despite state laws, including Washington's, that allow medicinal use.

By Julia Sommerfeld
Seattle Times staff reporter

JS Online: Podcasts are SO last year

(Photo/Jack Orton) Pete Prodoehl edits video he will upload to his video blog site from his Oconomowoc home Tuesday. People such as Prodoehl are using inexpensive software and high-speed Internet connections to share video clips of their lives.

Podcasting isn't passé yet, but the seeds of an even newer electronic world are sprouting in Waukesha County and elsewhere around the country.

From unbashful bloggers to proselytizing pastors, people are using inexpensive software and high-speed Internet connections to share video clips of their lives.

With a mouse click, you can now be whisked to the Oconomowoc home of Pete Prodoehl - one of Wisconsin's first video bloggers - to see "Scary Basement Room," "Shoes" or "Water Sports."

Those are some of the "vlogs"- short video vignettes about whatever pops into his mind or life - that Prodoehl, 36, began posting in May on his Web site. They star an empty cellar room and his torn sneakers, all captured doing nothing by a sometimes jerky, hand-held camera. An earlier one showed Prodoehl, a computer programmer for a publishing firm, riding a bicycle into a lake off a pier.

Then ride the technological ripple of what could become a new wave of Christian outreach into Brookfield at You can see kids singing, clapping, jumping or throwing water balloons during vacation Bible school activities at Brookside Baptist Church. Or, you can see and hear Pastor Sam Horn giving his latest sermon. (more)

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Flickr: Photos tagged with hempfest

More Flickr photos tagged with hempfest

Monday, August 22, 2005

For the Niche Film Audience, Studios Are Appealing by Blog - New York Times

Movie studios typically advertise on television and in newspapers in search of the biggest possible opening-weekend audience. For a new film, "The Constant Gardener," Focus Features is intent on building its audience in a different way: by taking aim at readers of niche Web sites and blogs.

Focus, an art-house unit of Universal Pictures, has purchased ads for "The Constant Gardener" on the political blog Wonkette, as well as the Web sites of politically oriented publications like Harper's, The Nation and National Review.

James Schamus, a co-president of the studio, says that such sites draw the sort of people most likely to appreciate the film, a conspiracy thriller based on a John le Carré novel about pharmaceutical companies operating in Africa.

"We looked for the places that sophisticated moviegoers seek out to find things that interest them," Mr. Schamus said. "These are the people who are engaged with the world, who are informed about the big conspiracies going on out there.

Web advertisements will not eclipse print and broadcast ads anytime soon. But at a time when blanket ad purchases seem ready to decline in tandem with box office receipts, studios may look more and more to the Internet to find audiences. "It's the opposite of buying a spread in a newspaper or a slew of 30-second slots on TV," Mr. Jaffe said. "Studios need to stop trying to reach the most people and focus on reaching the best people."

HempFest 2005

Originally uploaded by Chas Redmond.

Check out Hempfest 2005 attendee's photos on and videos on

Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Stranger: Where There's Smoke

For the majority of folks—non–pot smokers and non-hippies—Hempfest may not seem to matter. It's like, "I'm not a buttrocker, so I'm not going to Ozzfest. Likewise, I'm not a stoner, so I'm not going to Hempfest."

Fair enough. But are you a civil libertarian? The drug war is one of America's most onerous campaigns, encroaching on personal freedom and filling prisons. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, over 80 percent of the increase in the federal prison population from 1985 to 1995 was due to drug convictions, and in 2001, 56.7 percent of the state prisoners for drug offenses were African American.

Click title For More

Today and Tomorrow Provides Video Hosting For The Unofficial Seattle HempFest Digital Point-Of-View Photo/Video Contest

read press release

Seattle Weekly
The Port and the Pot Granny
Don't expect the tolerance of Hempfest to extend to Sea-Tac Airport.

Friday, August 19, 2005

WATCH VIDEO: CBS News | 'Vlogging' Is Blogs' Next Frontier

CBS News | 'Vlogging' Is Blogs' Next Frontier : "For those wanting to stay on the cutting edge, blogging is so 'last year.' Now, it's all about 'vlogging.'

CBS News Correspondant Jim Axelrod reports video blogging is the latest trend in Internet posting.

Last October, vlogger Andrew Baron launched on an ambitious five day-a-week schedule.

'I could just that there were all these bloggers that were doing commentary on the news,' Baron said. 'The next step is to obviously do that with video.' "

- MSNBC TV - Citizen Journalist

- MSNBC TV - "MSNBC is looking for your photos and video of news events. To tell your story through pictures -- moving and still -- that you've shot, just email your media to Please include captions and information about the videos and photos you send, along with your name and telephone number. You can also use your cameraphone to send us photos and video while you're on the road. "

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Randall Thieben - Videographer

Randall Thieben - Videographer: "Having produced many video news releases (VNRs) over the past two years, I thought we would share with you what my experience has shown to insure success for your latest VNR.

1. Make sure your event is newsworthy. There is no guarantee that a station will air your VNR just because you provide them some video. Your VNR must have a significant amount of interest to the general public, not just a limited few.
2. Schedule your event in the morning or early afternoon. This will insure that the video crew and producer have enough time to cover the event, edit the highlights and deliver the copies to the stations in time for airing on the heavily-watched early evening newscast. Evening shoots may make air, but might only make the late evening or early morning newscast."

WATCH VIDEO - Phoenix Vigil in Support of Cindy Sheehan

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.: ""

My wife, daughter and I showed our support for Cindy Sheehan, the mother of the late Casey Sheehan, who died in 2004 in Iraq in service to our country. We weere part of one of more than 1,400 candlelight vigils tonight across the United States. Sheehan is camped outside President Bush’s home in Crawford, Texas, waiting for a chance to speak to him about her son... wanting to know his life was not lost in vain.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

WATCH VIDEO: ZipFizz Is The First Company To Use Video Blogging For Impromptu Taste Tests At Seattle HempFest

Pacific Northwest Energy Drink Power Corporation Uses Internet Video To Showcase Consumer’s Initial Product Reaction To International Audience

Seattle, WA – Zipfizz, the healthy energy powder, with only 10 calories, no sugar, and 2 net carbs, will be collaborating with independent Video Blogger, Jack Olmsted, at the 14th annual Seattle HempFest, August 22-24 at Myrtle Edwards Park along Seattle's waterfront., the free video sharing community, will host the video clips ( tag:zipfizz ) on their servers.

WATCH VIDEO: ZipFizz At The Bite Of Seattle ( July 2005 ):

“ZipFizz is proud to be one of the first companies to ever work with a video blogger to spread the word about our healthy energy drink mix” says Shae Allen, word-of-mouth campaign director. ”We feel that digital video is the perfect medium for capturing our consumer’s first reactions, and are excited to be testing this theory out at Hempfest 2005 with the help of our favorite V-Blogger, Jack Olmsted. Video blogging speaks right to our core marketing values – which are that word-of-mouth is a more successful sales tool than any multi million dollar promotional campaign ever could be.”

“It is has been fantastic working with Shae and her team to make this historical event occur,” explains Jack Olmsted, video blogger. “Zipfizz is the first company I have worked with that realizes that the Internet is a critical communication channel for consumer commentary. A large cross section of consumers will have the opportunity to look straight into my lens and tell the world in their own words what they think about tasting Zipfizz for the very first time. People connecting with products and talking about their experiences - this is a fundamental component to modern marketing.” (more)

Brookside Launches Sunday Morning Vodcast

On August 14th, Brookside Baptist Church began vodcasting its Sunday Morning sermons online.

Why did Brookside begin a vodcast?

Brookside Baptist Church believes that it has a responsibility to take God's Word to as many people as it can. We support missionaries all around the world, and try to reach our community with open-air evangelism, Vacation Bible Schools, and other outreaches. We currently broadcast over radio, cell phones, and iPods. This new technology will eventually allow millions of people to see and hear solid, Biblical preaching.

click title for more

We Are The Media : Videoblogging Video Conference: Content

We Are The Media : Videoblogging Video Conference: Content Summary of the video Blogging Video Conference Yesterday.

click title to access

InformationWeek > Web Video > The Web Moves > August 15, 2005

NASA has learned what many businesses soon will: Your customers are ready to use video over the Web. Now it's up to business leaders to figure out what of value they can deliver over what will quickly become a critical communication channel.

Video over the Web isn't going to win any Academy Awards. The quality is only OK, and the programming available ranges from the compelling, such as NASA or the Live 8 concert, to the inane, like some video blogs. But America Online says 5 million people tuned in to the July 2 Live 8 concert, which it broadcast with seven separate feeds so viewers could control what they watched during the daylong concert, which also ran on MTV, VH1, and ABC. Media companies are racing to embrace video on the Web, from AOL, Google, and Yahoo testing video search tools to traditional print and broadcast organizations trying to figure out how Web viewers want their video.

"People are moving to video because they can," says Eric Schmidt, Microsoft's group product manager for digital media platforms. "Over the past several years, technology has diminished the barriers to entry." That tech includes greater network bandwidth, blazing-fast PC processors, and Microsoft and RealNetworks Inc. software that makes video available to users from any desktop. Inexpensive software and Webcams make it easier for companies to create and deliver their own multimedia messages.

But like NASA, it's how nonmedia businesses use this power of moving images to speak directly to their customers and partners that could provide some of the most interesting and valuable uses of video on the Web. (more)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Listen Up! . Youth Media Network | PBS

Listen Up! . Youth Media Network | PBS: "Listen Up! is a youth media network that connects young video producers and their allies to resources, support, and projects with the goals of developing the field and achieving an authentic youth voice in the mass media."

Slashdot | YouTube -- The Flickr of Video?

Slashdot | YouTube -- The Flickr of Video?: "A new folksonomy website that seems to be catching on is YouTube, a service similar to Flickr, except that it is for sharing and hosting short video clips instead of photos. Like Flickr, its core functionality is implemented in Flash. Videos can be tagged, searched, discussed, etc through a social network. YouTube has developer APIs, RSS feeds, and the ability to embed videos directly into other web pages. The website was recently profiled on TechCrunch as an up-and-coming Web 2.0 application.' "

WATCH VIDEO: Baseball: You Gotta Love It (PCTV)

Phillips Community Television, otherwise know as PCTV, is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering youth and communitites through media literacy education, media production, and public service. Since PCTV's inception in 1992, PCTV has enabled inner-city youth, ages 9-18 to create their own television programs, magazines, photography exhibits, web pages, and personal projects focusing on youth, family, and community issues.

By Katelyn Nelson

A short and sweet reflection by Katelyn on baseball and her interest in the sport. She talks about why she loves the game and interviews her father about his long time love of baseball and his brief appearance on TV during a World Series game. As well as her stories, Katelyn shares old family photos in the video and cleverly edits in some scenes from an old b&w baseball movie.

click title to watch video

WATCH VIDEO: Rocketboom - daily with amanda congdon

Rocketboom: "story link: introducing prague, czech republic rocketboom field correspondent graham walker on tibet"

Rocketboom is a three minute daily videoblog based in New York City. They cover and create a wide range of information and commentary from top news stories to quirky internet culture. Agenda includes releasing each new clip at 9am EST, Monday through Friday. With a heavy emphasis on international arts, technology and weblog drama, Rocketboom is presented via online video and widely distributed through RSS.

What Are Vlogs? - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A vlog (short for videoblog) is a blog (short for weblog) which uses video as the primary content as it is linked to within a videoblog post and usually accompanied by supporting text, image, and additional meta data to provide a context for the video. Blogs often take advantage of RSS for syndication to other web sites and aggregator software (rss readers). With the inclusion of RSS Enclosures, which provides the ability to attach media files to a feed item/blog post, it is possible to bypass the mainstream intermediaries and openly distribute media to the masses via the Internet.

click title for more

Monday, August 15, 2005

WATCH VIDEO: Podcast and Videoblog Roadshow :: Video: Podcast Roadshow, Seattle, WA

" In June, The Podcast & Videoblog Roadshow was in Seattle.

click title to access video

WATCH VIDEO: Current TV Videos Now Ready For Screening

Two out of three videos submitted this morning to Current.TV have been approved and are now available for screening. If a video is selected for television broadcast, the channel pays $250-$1,000.

WATCH VIDEO: Clint on Tech: Episode 5, Interview with Phillip Torrone

At the Seattle August 6th Meet the Vloggers, Phillip Torrone graciously agreed to show up so I could interview him. My apologies for the audio quality, I forgot to grab my iPod and lavalier mic and the wind cut feature on my camera is doing weird things with the audio. We discussed a range of topics, and as always pt was entertaining and informative.

click title to access video

Poetic, Political & Personal / Video blogging can get an individual's version of the truth out there immediately

Poetic, Political & Personal / Video blogging can get an individual's version of the truth out there immediately: "After filming a protest against military recruiters at San Francisco State University's career fair in March, Josh Wolf immediately put the footage online. Shouting 'Racist, sexist, anti-gay -- U.S.A. military go away,' protesters surrounded the recruiters, who sat with stoic faces. Eventually, they left as students cheered.
'By watching, you should be able to see for yourself, and decide if it was a First Amendment issue or if students should be punished,' said Wolf, 23, a psychology major.

In the last year, more and more people have begun filming their lives, their art and their local communities and posting their reports on the Web.
Known as video blogs, the short clips feature subjects ranging from the personal to the political: a dad filming himself making pesto and talking to his kids, who now live in Germany after he and his wife separated; a protest over the G-8 summit; the performance of a band at San Francisco Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi's victory party.

'I have no credential as a major reporter, no organization that gives me validity, but the image itself gives me authenticity,' Wolf said. The viewer 'can see what happened. You can't argue with what happened.' " (more)

Vanessa Hua
San Francisco Chronicle

WATCH VIDEO: Battleground Minnesota

Battleground Minnesota won the jury award at the Media That Matters Film Festival in New York City. To the right, Shakademic, Glenn Scott and Gabriel Chiefetz with Tim Robbins.

click title to access video

Gabriel Cheifetz, Glenn Scott, and Chris "Shakademic" Johnson are coworkers at Phillips Community TV (PCTV), a youth media organization based in Minneapolis. When Minnesota suddenly became a "battleground" state in 2004, Cheifetz, Scott, and Shakademic borrowed some cameras, bought some cheap imitation rhinestone chains, and set off in search of the biggest names in Minnesota politics.

Video Maker Bio
Gabriel Cheifetz, 29, is a filmmaker and occasional social entrepreneur. Working with Phillips Community TV, a nonprofit youth development organization based in Minneapolis, Gabriel produces documentary shorts dealing with hip hop, politics, and immigrant youth culture.

WATCH VIDEO: Knight Of The Highway

Current Studio // mgrahamballard // Knight Of The Highway: "Michael and David follow a pizza delivery driver on his last day on the job."

click title to access video

user review:

This was a great look at something that is there in everyone's life at some point but you don't really think about it-- I thought the editing was very well done, obviously a few set-up shots and what not, but I'm guessing he is a real pizza delivery driver (I'd hope...)

Nice work

posted by wallacek on 12 aug 2005 @ 6:47pm

Sunday, August 14, 2005

the random show: Wonderful World - Vlogmap Video

the random show

Matt Savarino,, showed this video at the Seattle "Meet The Vlogers" presentation on August 6th.

click title to access video...

Current Studio // scaylmer // Corporate Task Force: video

Current Studio // scaylmer // Corporate Task Force

Click title to watch video.

My name is Seth, Founder and CEO of the Corporate Task Force, a non-partisan cultural awareness consulting firm that specializes in integrating the corporate lifestyle vis-a-vis the popular masses. Along with correspondents Sohrab, Michael, and Nina, we are all inspired by the untapped potential of Big Business to re-formulate the current arena of living in the contemporary scenario of today.

Al Gore connects with new network

Do you stay up late watching TV because you can't sleep? Well, I do. And, that's how I heard Al Gore talk about his recovery from politics. He claims to be on step nine.

Like many of us, Al Gore is now in the middle of a career change. He has gone from politician to the new media venture called Current TV.

Will Dube, a Monroe County field coordinator for the 2000 Gore campaign, has a tremendous admiration for the man: "Gore has an amazing ability to connect with people," he said.

Connection is what Current TV is all about. The combined Internet/TV network enables viewers to become participant journalists.

But after viewing the Web site, Christy Ziehl of Pittsford said, "I couldn't immediately figure out what the Web site was and why it was relevant to me."

Originally, Gore's new media venture was to develop an Internet site with citizen journalism. Audience members would create the video content that would be posted on the site. Then a cable network became available. At this point, "backers were brought in, and the expectations changed considerably. A citizens' media project became MTV-News-Lite," explained Douglas Rushkoff, an early consultant on the project.

The network calls its video clips "pods." Viewers are encouraged to upload their pods to the Web site (


Saturday, August 13, 2005

E3 2005 Press Room Recap

I just created a Blip.TV account and uploaded a 19meg MPEG file and JPEG image to their servers. So far - so good.

The clip was recorded in the E3 2005 press room during the last two hours of the show. Click Title to watch video through Blip.TV

As you can see, I also uploaded the same clip to YouTube. The upload time was faster on Youtube than Blip.TV.

A 16 year old with a little time on her hands

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.: ""

very creative editing. i like the close-up of the boots and the digital blur dancing and youthful energy.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Villagegirl: Vloggers meet up at the blogher conference, San Joes, CA, July 05

Download blogher_conference_too.wmv Provides Video Hosting For The Unofficial Seattle HempFest Digital Point-Of-View Photo/Video Contest

Originally uploaded by digitalreporter.

Seattle, WA – Everyone that attends the 14th annual Seattle HempFest, one of the world's largest pro-marijuana rallies, August 22-24 at Myrtle Edwards Park along Seattle's waterfront with a camcorder, digital camera or video recording capable cell phone is eligible to enter their videos through, a new free RSS enabled video-blogging community, into The Unofficial Seattle HempFest Digital Point-Of-View Photo/Video Contest.

To enter the online video contest, videographers will need to open a free account on

  • Video File Size: 100 megabytes ( maximum )
  • Video File Formats:WMV, AVI, .MOV, .MPG
  • Contest Tag: hempfest


Thursday, August 11, 2005

Momentshowing: VIDEO: Marc Canter explains OurMedia till now

Watch Video

In January 2005, Marc Canter and JD Lasica started

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Halley Suitt on building your blog chops

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.: ""

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Lean Back Vids: Video Blog (Vlog) - Seattle Meet The Vloggers

Check out the Seattle Meet The Vloggers Video Matt Savarino,, posted on his blog today.

Monday, August 08, 2005

YouTube - Monthly Contests Announced

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.: " announced their first video contest.

  • Each month, users may submit videos with the contest tag of the month
  • Viewers may browse the contest entries by searching for the contest tag
  • The YouTube staff will choose the winner at the end of the month

The August contest is based on the inspirational video from Matt Harding. The tag of the month is wherethehellismatt. You can subscribe to an RSS feed for video submissions via this link.


Rocketboom Matt Inspired Video

Flickr: Photos tagged with seafair

More Flickr photos tagged with seafair

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Seattle Meet The Vloggers

Meet The Vloggers: Group Photo #6
Originally uploaded by digitalreporter.

Yesterday, I attended the Seattle Meet The Vloggers: Learn How To Be Your Own Media Source A Vlogging Teach-In that was held at the University Village Apple Store.

Matt Savarino (left,, Clint Sharp (, Melanie Sharp (, Bre Pettis (,, Peter Doyle (

VideoBlogging Flickr Photo Tags


A Video Greeting From Norway To Seattle Video Bloggers

NPR : A New Internet Diary Frontier: Vlogging

As a blogger on the Internet, it's possible to post entries for all the world to read about the biggest, or littlest, happenings in one's life. Now video bloggers, or "vloggers," are adding a twist to the genre, documenting their lives in mini-movies.

Laura Sydell reports on the growing community of people who are turning their lives into grassroots reality TV. Though it has been possible to put video on the Web for a long time, widespread adoption of broadband access has made it easier for amateurs to do. In addition, the advent of RSS feeds allows users to automatically receive updates from vlogs they like. (more)

Friday, August 05, 2005

Seattle: Meet The Vloggers, 3pm, August 6th at the University Village Apple Store

Meet The Vloggers: Learn How To Be Your Own Media Source
A Vlogging Teach-In
University Village Apple Store, Saturday August 6, 2005 3pm

Seattle, WA

Vlogging is the New Podcasting.

If you think podcasting is cool, wait until you meet the vloggers. Vlogger use video on their blogs. Vloggers make videos of their lives and then share them on the internet. Come down to the Apple Store and meet them and learn how to vlog.

Here are the vloggers who will be teaching you how to vlog:

Bre Pettis is an artist, school teacher and obsessive vlogger. He will be hosting the presentation and teaching the basics of vlog making. Bre vlogs at and founded the blog about vlogs:

Clint Sharp is a Media Maker and hosts his own show “Clint on Tech.” He can be found evangelizing the powers of vlogging at

Melanie Sharp makes video content out of her own life… and her dog’s! You can find her vlogs over at

Matt Savarino and Peter Doyle are the brains behind the vlogmap at which maps all the vloggers in the world. They also have a great vlog that documents their adventures in Seattleover at (more)

Vlogging Teach-In Agenda
Saturday August 6, 2005

>> Intro: Bre Pettis
>> -What is a vlog?
>> -Why Vlog? What's so cool about vlogs?
>> -How to make a vlog? I intend to go through the steps and point the way.
>> -My equipment. I think it would be useful if everyone mentioned something about what equipment they use.
>> Meet The Vloggers
>> Matt Savarino and Peter Doyle: The world of vlogging
>> Clint Sharp: Variety in the vlogging world. Sharing videos and showing the wide variety of styles.
>> Mel Sharp: Turning everyday life into video content.
>> Pete Grondal: How to stick a camera in someone's face and get a good interview.
>> Wrap-up: Bre Pettis

If you have any changes or anything to add, send Bre an email or call him at 206-388-9769

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Video Journal ::

"Welcome visitors to "Video Journal," a new video blog (vlog) here at

For the last year I have dabbled in the world of video storytelling. For the better part of 17 years, I have shot still photographs for The Spokesman-Review newspaper. Now, with the support of my editors, I have transitioned to shooting video stories full-time for our online department.

It was not an easy decision for me to make. I love the art of still photojournalism. When I started at the newspaper I shot mostly black and white film, developing it in skin-cracking chemicals. When the negatives dried, I would rush to make a perfect print (in more skin-cracking chemicals.) Those days are long gone, replaced by digital cameras, whose images can be transmited by laptop computer to the newspaper in minutes. Like it or not, our world has become a digital one.

So why video? What does it hold for you the regular visitor to Good storytelling I hope. I want to tell stories the local TV news stations, with their breathless reporters, doing live standups of stale stories, fail to do anymore. There are so many great little stories that go unnoticed each day. Stories that matter to you, yet, never seem to get told. And this is where you can help me. Send me your story ideas. If they are good, I will do my best to tell it in video." (more)

Monday, August 01, 2005

MoBlogging Portland

Yesterday, we traveled by train from Seattle to Portland. Our trip was recorded on a LG MM-535 Sprint PCS phone and published from the field on:

Digital Reporter

I will be posting video clips from Portland all week on Spaces and Stay tuned. - The Official Announcement

I'm Charles Chariya and I'm represent I met several of you when I presented at the SoHo
Apple event this past weekend, but I realized that many probably weren't able to attend.

YouTube is a service that was launched about 6 weeks ago. It's already has thousands of videos uploaded, and is currently streaming about 20,000 videos a day. It's a fast, easy to use, dedicated video repository that is all based on Flash video. You simply upload your videos (in whatever format) and share it with friends.

The goals are obvious - to make it easier for people to share their work, and to make it easier for people to find the available video content out there. Give it a spin and let me know what you think. Please be mindful that this is pretty much a work in progress, and new functionality will be going up in about 3 weeks.

Thanks again for your time, and look forward to meeting more of you.


PS - My full-time job is with Yahoo, so I think it's great we're using Yahoo Groups, and Yahoo Video Search (check out if you want to compete in a digital video contest).