Friday, August 05, 2005

Seattle: Meet The Vloggers, 3pm, August 6th at the University Village Apple Store

Meet The Vloggers: Learn How To Be Your Own Media Source
A Vlogging Teach-In
University Village Apple Store, Saturday August 6, 2005 3pm

Seattle, WA

Vlogging is the New Podcasting.

If you think podcasting is cool, wait until you meet the vloggers. Vlogger use video on their blogs. Vloggers make videos of their lives and then share them on the internet. Come down to the Apple Store and meet them and learn how to vlog.

Here are the vloggers who will be teaching you how to vlog:

Bre Pettis is an artist, school teacher and obsessive vlogger. He will be hosting the presentation and teaching the basics of vlog making. Bre vlogs at and founded the blog about vlogs:

Clint Sharp is a Media Maker and hosts his own show “Clint on Tech.” He can be found evangelizing the powers of vlogging at

Melanie Sharp makes video content out of her own life… and her dog’s! You can find her vlogs over at

Matt Savarino and Peter Doyle are the brains behind the vlogmap at which maps all the vloggers in the world. They also have a great vlog that documents their adventures in Seattleover at (more)

Vlogging Teach-In Agenda
Saturday August 6, 2005

>> Intro: Bre Pettis
>> -What is a vlog?
>> -Why Vlog? What's so cool about vlogs?
>> -How to make a vlog? I intend to go through the steps and point the way.
>> -My equipment. I think it would be useful if everyone mentioned something about what equipment they use.
>> Meet The Vloggers
>> Matt Savarino and Peter Doyle: The world of vlogging
>> Clint Sharp: Variety in the vlogging world. Sharing videos and showing the wide variety of styles.
>> Mel Sharp: Turning everyday life into video content.
>> Pete Grondal: How to stick a camera in someone's face and get a good interview.
>> Wrap-up: Bre Pettis

If you have any changes or anything to add, send Bre an email or call him at 206-388-9769


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