Monday, August 15, 2005

WATCH VIDEO: Battleground Minnesota

Battleground Minnesota won the jury award at the Media That Matters Film Festival in New York City. To the right, Shakademic, Glenn Scott and Gabriel Chiefetz with Tim Robbins.

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Gabriel Cheifetz, Glenn Scott, and Chris "Shakademic" Johnson are coworkers at Phillips Community TV (PCTV), a youth media organization based in Minneapolis. When Minnesota suddenly became a "battleground" state in 2004, Cheifetz, Scott, and Shakademic borrowed some cameras, bought some cheap imitation rhinestone chains, and set off in search of the biggest names in Minnesota politics.

Video Maker Bio
Gabriel Cheifetz, 29, is a filmmaker and occasional social entrepreneur. Working with Phillips Community TV, a nonprofit youth development organization based in Minneapolis, Gabriel produces documentary shorts dealing with hip hop, politics, and immigrant youth culture.


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