Sunday, August 14, 2005

Al Gore connects with new network

Do you stay up late watching TV because you can't sleep? Well, I do. And, that's how I heard Al Gore talk about his recovery from politics. He claims to be on step nine.

Like many of us, Al Gore is now in the middle of a career change. He has gone from politician to the new media venture called Current TV.

Will Dube, a Monroe County field coordinator for the 2000 Gore campaign, has a tremendous admiration for the man: "Gore has an amazing ability to connect with people," he said.

Connection is what Current TV is all about. The combined Internet/TV network enables viewers to become participant journalists.

But after viewing the Web site, Christy Ziehl of Pittsford said, "I couldn't immediately figure out what the Web site was and why it was relevant to me."

Originally, Gore's new media venture was to develop an Internet site with citizen journalism. Audience members would create the video content that would be posted on the site. Then a cable network became available. At this point, "backers were brought in, and the expectations changed considerably. A citizens' media project became MTV-News-Lite," explained Douglas Rushkoff, an early consultant on the project.

The network calls its video clips "pods." Viewers are encouraged to upload their pods to the Web site (



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