Thursday, August 25, 2005

Yahoo! Groups : Video/Photo Contest

Fame, Glory & Prizes:
Summer Sizzle Photo Contest
Got the definitive summer shot or a super-cool summer video clip?
Enter them in our Summer Sizzle Photo Contest and you could be on
your way to fame, glory and prizes.

Win a new compact digicam. No, win a new tripod. Nope, how about
some huge memory cards? We're letting you decide what you win by
awarding Amazon gift certificates and letting you pick what the heck
you want. First prize takes a $250 Amazon gift certificate and
second prize wins a $100 certificate.

Entering is easy:

Add a public album with your entry or entries (up to 5 photos/videos
allowed for submission).
Add "summersizzle" as a contact in your contacts tab (be sure
to "uncheck" the "currently online" box when you add the contact as
summersizzle may be offline).
"Share" your album with "summersizzle".
The rules:
The rules are pretty simple. Enter by August 31, 2005. All
submissions must be taken by yourself and be your own property. The
photo or video clip (max. 1 minute) that best captures the Summer
Sizzle theme will be awarded a $250 (USD) Amazon gift certificate.
The runner up will receive a $100 certificate.

You retain ownership of your entry(s), although by entering you
grant us the right to display your entry(s) and name on our website
and within our network, newsletters and product (hey, that's
the "fame" part). Bribery is encouraged although it will have no
impact on the outcome of the contest.

Check out "The Hub" (our great new content feature within PiXPO 2.0)
for regular updates and you might just see your own entry in all its
glory. We'll be displaying some of the notable entries throughout
the contest - maybe even after the contest if they're really

To get a copy of our software (which you need to enter), simply
download at (btw, I know the site needs some work!).

click title for more information


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