Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Those darn video blogging pioneers

Those darn video blogging pioneers: "In reporting for a video blogging story, I had a chance to look a little into what's going on with the video blogging community generally. I joke that they're a cabal, but there is nothing secret about them. They're a dedicated group of videoblogging advocates who are working to help all kinds of video bloom, whether commercial or personal. And they're making things happen.

Only about a year after being formed, the group at Yahoo, where people exchange tips and news, now numbers 1,200 people and they're thinking of splitting into subgroups, says Jay Dedman, the co-founder of the group. The group has ginned up presentation called Meet the Vloggers, which explains the basics of video blogging. And Apple has asked them to present in stores around the U.S. Meantime, online, a couple of early video bloggers, Ryanne Hodson and Michael Verdi, are using a stipend they are getting from software maker Outhink to run, an online site that teaches people how to video blog. "

Heather Green


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