Wednesday, July 12, 2006

CNET: Behind Rocketboom's breakup fireworks

On July 5, the news broke that Amanda Congdon, the face of the immensely popular New York-based video blog Rocketboom, would no longer be the face.

What was not clear were the circumstances behind Congdon's departure. On competing sites, Rocketboom's majority owner, Andrew Baron, said that Congdon had quit because she wanted to move to Los Angeles and that he wasn't able to meet her demands to move the video blog's production facilities there. Among other places, Baron posted his version of things directly on (Read Interview)

Listen To A Audio Clip from Amanda's CNET phone interview

CNET Editial Staff chews the fat over Rocketboom (VIDEO/PODCAST)

Andrew Baron, Rocketboom founder, gives his account of events regarding the Amanda Congdon Affair

Amanda Congdon produces her own show "Unboomed..."

Amanda Congdon Spoof Video


Time Magazine - 10 Questions for Amanda Congdon
MSNBC - Internet star tries to make it on her own

CES News
MacsimumNewsInterview: Amanda Congdon of Rocketboom (July 6, 2006)


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