Thursday, July 13, 2006

Puzzle Pieces Of The Rocketboom Soap Opera

Vlogging with Rocketboom's Andrew Congdon

Congdon said she plans to weigh her options in the next few weeks. (She said she and her boyfriend — former Rocketboom producer and director Mario Librandi — and her brother — former Rocketboom producer Andrew Congdon — are a package deal. - Scarborough Country

Andrew Baron (Left), Amanda Congdon, Rob Boudon, & Mario Librandi. (Photo: Rob Boudon)

Amanda did not quit Rocketboom, she refused to accept Andrew Barons final proposal to reduce her share in the company, and become only, "the face" of Rocketboom. Very old media of him. In a meeting, Andrew Baron could produce no reason that Amanda Congdon could not move to L.A. other than, "I just don't want it." Amanda has in fact not left Rocketboom, but has been kept, by Andrew Baron, from Rocketboom and its viewers. - Mario Librandi


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