Wednesday, July 12, 2006

RocketBoom's New Host

It is offical - Joanne Colan is the replacement for Amanda Congdon.
Doesn't Joanne kind of look like Amanda in this photo?

While Rockeboom fans wait for Joanne get in front of the Rocketboom lights, they can learn more about the former MTV VJ on her new blog site.

Joanne Colan's first RB show

CNET: Blow-By-Blow Article On The Brits First Show

Well, it took a couple days longer than planned, but Rocketboom is back up and running. With a new, post-Amanda Congdon face.

The "interim" host is a woman called Joanne Colan, who sports a charming and cosmopolitan English accent. And she comes across as spunky, confident and not even a little bit intimidated to fill Congdon's shoes.

Timing-wise, the launch couldn't have been more on the mark. That's because the first RB 2.0, as Colan calls it, comes on the same day that Kyle MacDonald completed his quest to trade up from a red paperclip to a house. In tribute, Colan hit the streets of New York in search of some trades of her own. (Read More)


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