Sunday, December 18, 2005

AFP: Lights, camera, vlog: new video craze hits Internet (Excerpts)

Lights, camera, vlog: new video craze hits Internet: "From the Internet counter-culture which spawned blogs and podcasts comes the newest thing in new media: vlogging. In short video diaries and homemade reality shows, vloggers are using the power of cheap online technology to invite strangers into their lives.

Vlogging's time has come thanks to a new generation of cheap cameras, editing programs and simple software -- plus fast broadband connections needed to download content.

It draws on the utopian dreams of pioneers who envisage a network of citizen journalists across the globe, liberated from the "we know what's best for you" patronage of established media firms.

It comes as established media companies -- newspapers as well as broadcast giants -- are starting to post podcasts, videocasts and video news reports alongside written content.

Apple's unveiling in October of its new video iPod was a giant leap for vlogging -- as short, basic downloads are ideal for the device's small screen.

Sceptics of vlogging, and of blogging and podcasting before it, will argue that while the video weblogs are a pleasant diversion, they will never be able to offer the heft, resources and analytic weight of established media."


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