Sunday, December 11, 2005

Music: Christmas Ain't What It Used To Be

Jazz : Jazz Vocals

Christmas Ain't What It Used To Be
Produced and written by Jacqui Naylor and Art Khu

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Jacqui Naylor

Jacqui Naylor is not an easy artist to categorize. There are times when she performs straight-ahead vocal jazz, but at other times she favors more of a folk-rock/adult alternative approach. Depending on the mood she is in at a given moment, the northern Californian can bring to mind anyone from Cassandra Wilson or British jazz vocalist Claire Martin to Sarah McLachlan or Shawn Colvin -- she is as comfortable among jazz improvisers as she is in the singer/songwriter world. During one of her live performances, Naylor has no problem singing smoky jazz one minute and folk-rock or adult alternative the next -- and there are times when she blurs the line between the two. (more)


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