Friday, December 16, 2005 - Vlogger (noun): Blogger With Video Camera (Exerpts)

Staff Reporter of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL - Vlogger (noun): Blogger With Video Camera: "Viewers of Beth Agnew's Web site can watch videos of her laughing at an oak leaf, laughing wearing a pirate's patch, and laughing while pretending someone has dropped an ice cube down her back.
The idea behind is to find hilarity in the mundane and spread goodwill through laughter. 'Anyone anywhere in the world can log into the blog and have a laugh along with me,' says Ms. Agnew, a technical-communications professor at Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology in Toronto and self-described 'certified laugh leader.'

The number of vlogs has mushroomed thanks to improved streaming video technology, faster Internet speeds, new Web sites that will host the video free of charge and new cellphones and other popular devices designed to play video. Vlogs are essentially publicly accessible Web logs, known as blogs, where authors can post video as well as text entries, and viewers can give feedback.

Advertisers have yet to seize on vlogs as money-makers but that could change. Over the summer, Revlon Inc. created a vlog displaying a woman trying out its new line of makeup at MTV's Music Video Awards, which the company was sponsoring. Advertisers could also consider placing ads on vlogs but would likely do so with caution. (more)



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