Thursday, December 15, 2005

I like to watch: Video blogging is ready for its close-up

Mike Milliard of the Boston Phoenix interviews Steve Garfield for this story on Boston area videoblogers. Steve kicked off the interview by creating this video and pubishing it. Watch Video


It’s the next stage in blog evolution. Cheap digital cameras, free editing software, and video-hosting services have made production and publishing easy as pie. RSS aggregation technology offers the means to distribute content to loyal viewers. Broadband connections make watching it a snap. And every new iPod comes equipped with video capabilities.

Even as the iTunes music store rushes to stock up on U2 videos and episodes of The Office, the increasing plenitude of video blogs points to a real democratization of media. No one owns the means of distribution anymore, so more and more people are making their own shows. Some offer scattershot glances at fleeting moments. Others are meticulously edited and set to music. There are video diaries. Self-produced sitcoms. Citizen journalism. Talk shows. These real-time glimpses into strangers’ lives — funny, serious, contemplative, provocative — are almost always compelling. Sure, they vary wildly in quality. So do all blogs. They’re made by artists, news junkies, pop-culture addicts, high-school kids, even the politicians. And before long, they don’t seem like strangers anymore. (more)

The best of the rest
Six must-see video blogs


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