Monday, December 12, 2005

Could This Woman Drive Broadband TV? (Excerpts)

"What's three minutes long, a little silly and very cheap to produce?

The answer: The future of Broadband TV.

Amanda Congdon, an attractive 24-year-old woman who lives in New York, is the star of a new 3-minute mock newscast featured on Rocketboom, a video blogging site. The video broadcast features her comments on daily Internet trends and occasionally politics, which may not sound new nor particularly entertaining.

But thanks largely to Ms. Congdon's kooky but comely style, Rocketboom is generating 100,000 visitors a day, according to Sunday's New York Times. PC and video iPod owners are making Rocketboom's video blogs a daily part of their lives.

However, their true potential is on the TV, not the PC nor the video iPod. PC owners are willing to watch Ms.Congdon's newscast on their desktops because it's only three minutes long. (And, she's very cute.) But if Rocketboom expanded the broadcast to 30 minutes or more, I suspect that its audience would fade away. Watching video on the PC (or a video iPod) for any length of time can get uncomfortable -- and gets in the way of work if you're at the office." (more)

By Phillip Swann, president and publisher of

NOTE: Phillp is way off the mark suggesting that Rocketboom pods "true potential is on the TV" and that "watching video on the PC (or a video iPod) for any length of time can get uncomfortable -- and gets in the way of work..." With his off the cuff comments the president and publisher of the text based website about the future of TV appears not to watch Rocketboom regularly or use his digital cell phone for video games or video.

My crystal ball illustrates clearly that Rocketboom type shows future is in nitch markets and will be watched anytime, anywhere (commuting to the office or home, not in them) on portable video players (cell phones, iPods).


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