Friday, December 16, 2005

MobuzzTV - Plugging The Plug

Today, Mobuzz TV, that is actually based in Madrid, Spain (not down-under), plugged this blog because the "vlog for the mobile generation" was discussed in the Active Voice Radio interview on "Video Blogging" that aired last week on Pubic Radio stations.

Totally cool!

Thanks Mobuzz for plugging the plug.

Here is a convient link to the blog post about the interview or the three part podcast be can accessed on my "under construction" myspace blog.

I would like to take this opportunity to plug the I4U News, a German based gadget, lifestyle online magazine, upcoming video blog coverage of the Consumer Electonics Show, January 3-8. In the spirit of all this plugging, I will plug Mobuzz from time to time during our exclusive daily reports direct from the show floor. Stay tuned. All this plugging can't hurt, right?

CES Video Blogging
Jouralism Team

  • Nikki Cash
  • Chris Martin (top right 4 square)
  • Jack Olmsted (bottom right 4 square)
  • Jason Green (bottom left 4 square)
  • Harvindar Sighn (right)


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