Monday, February 20, 2006

The Next Big Things for Newspapers: Podcasting, Vodcasting

Podcasting and vodcasting may not yet be entirely mainstream, but with the popularity of Apple's iPod portable music player (and competing brands) and its podcast-ready iTunes music software, that's not far away. Ergo, these new media formats should become part of any newspaper's content strategy. Indeed, for a small but growing number of newspapers, they already are.

Why podcast?
The reason is simple enough. Young people, especially, are spending more of their time on the Internet and listening to iPods, and less time on the printed word. For newspapers, it's imperative to reach news consumers via digital channels. They can deliver the news directly via podcasting or vodcasting as an alternative to people reading the print edition, or add value to the printed-newspaper experience by offering audio and video content that supplements what's in the newspaper's paper edition and Web site. (And all the while, adding a new revenue stream to the company mix.)

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