Sunday, February 12, 2006

Global Kids | Press Coverage

"Summer Program Helps Broaden Kids' Knowledge Of World Affairs

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NY1's latest New Yorkers of the Week are helping some area school kids become the leaders of tomorrow.

While some teens spend their summer lounging at the beach, one group of students is learning about issues like the United States' foreign policy, the war in Iraq, labor rights, and globalization.

'Once our parents have passed, we'll be the next ones to decide what's going to be the fate of the world,' says Adana Austi.

Austi is one of the students participating in the U.S. in the World Initiative, a program that focuses on the America's role in international affairs. It was launched this month by Global Kids, a 16-year-old non-profit organization. Founder and executive director Carole Artigiani says the program helps students develop the skills needed to succeed in school and the future. " (More)


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