Friday, February 10, 2006

Visions :: UMR's eye on research: The Richard Show goes boom!

Visions :: UMR's eye on research: The Richard Show goes boom!: "Dr. Richard Hall, a professor of information science and technology, has been fascinated with the World Wide Web since the middle 1990s, when it was first becoming wide spread. Hall was quick to explore the web as a teaching tool in his classes and research. In fact, he became well known in the academic research community as a pioneer in this area. More recently, he has become fascinated by the role of the web in the emerging grass roots media movement -- web-based media created and syndicated by regular people. In particular, Hall is interested in video blogs, sometimes called video podcasts.
In the fall of 2006, Hall will be teaching courses in Multimedia Development and Social Informatics, where his new interest will be a major focus. And he will be able to bring some practical experience into the classroom. His video blog, The Richard Show, has gained quite a following in the vlogosphere of late. Hall's work has even been featured on the wildly popular vlogcast, RocketBoom. "


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