Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Mudslingging Within the Video Blogging Commuity

> It drives me nuts that Andrew perpetually insists that he makes the
> show for free or close-to-free. It's cheaper than ABC World News
> Tonight -- for sure! That's what should be celebrated, not this idea
> that any kid in the barrio should be able to make Rocketboom with their
> bus money (if they even have 85 cents for the bus). - Jen Simmons

My first reaction is: wow, you sound really angry. But I'll give you
that... four jobs? That sucks.

My second reaction is, well, Andrew (Rocketboom founder) already covered this.

The point is, videoblogging is scalable. As soon as our $15/month
account couldn't hold us any more, we were at the point where we could
have started putting up ads, accepting sponsorships, just generally
bringing in money to support server costs. We didn't do this, because
we wanted to do things in a very specific way, a way that Andrew had
saved up for years to make happen. - Amanda Congdon, Rocketboom talent

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