Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Boston Globe - The Regis and Kelly of Boston? With charm and low technology, Ravi and Sonia create a vlog* following

By Glenn Yoder, Globe Correspondent | February 12, 2006

* Video blog: A weblog (blog) that provides a video journal on a subject rather than text entries. Also called a ‘‘vog’’ or ‘‘vog blog.’’

"Apple has played a key role in the progression of the video blog, or ''video podcast' as it's called when associated with the iPod. Bloggers watched hits increase tenfold since the company released iPods with 2 1/2-inch color video screens on Oct. 12 and began hosting video podcasts for free public download. In addition to amassing vlogs for the public, Apple took the video podcast off the computer and made it transportable, said Charlene Li, an analyst at the technology market research company Forrester Research who specializes in blogs.

''The problem with video podcasting in the past has been that there was only one way to watch them -- on the computer,' Li said, adding that consumers will soon be able to download podcasts from TiVo, the digital television recorder. She said new technology in development is only going to push video blogs further.

''It's kind of a chicken or the egg situation; whether more devices are becoming available so people can create [vlogs], or the fact that the increase in video blogs is encouraging more devices to be developed for them,' she said.

As a result of the technological leaps, vlogs have become so accessible and portable that viewers are watching them everywhere, from the subway to the airport... " (More)


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