Monday, February 20, 2006

NBC orders removal of video from download site

"Our story begins with the December 17th airing of Saturday Night Live. During that episode, a pretty funny rap video entitled Lazy Sunday: The Chronicles of Narnia was aired. The clip, starring Chris Parnell and Andy Samberg as a couple of incredibly lame rappers walking through New York doing incredibly lame things, was uploaded to video download site, where it became something of an instant hit. Although we don't have statistics on the number of downloads, the video made enough of an impact to be featured in a New York Times story on SNL, and has been credited with turning a new generation of viewers on to the show.

Enter the lawyers. This week, NBC's lawyers sent a letter to YouTube, requesting removal of the video from its servers. The site complied with the request, and placed a short note on its blog explaining the removal and stating that 'YouTube respects the rights of copyright holders.' The video was also belatedly made available for free on the NBC web site, along with being offered as a US$1.99 download from the iTunes Music Store. As a side note, videos streamed from the NBC web site only work on Windows machines." (Read More)

NOTE: Interesting - This story is not being discussed on the SNL boards.


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