Sunday, December 18, 2005

videoblogging : Message: Videoblogs on TiVo (Rocketboom Report)

videoblogging : Message: Videoblogs on TiVo: "I've been having withdraws from the videoblogging group over the last
couple of weeks. So here come a few e-mails:

TiVo. This is pretty exciting. We have finalized the process, etc and
have been running on a few hundred test boxes. Sign-ups closed but
are open again now and we should be live for all TiVo boxes this week:

The format is a very strict kind of mpeg2. I have been using ffmpeg
to create the files. The intent is that eventually TiVo will open
this up. It may be awhile before they start doing deals with their
directory, but I believe some people are already pumping mpeg2 to
their own boxes, regardless of the TiVo directory." (more)

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