Saturday, December 03, 2005

Resources for Active Voice Radio Interview

Today, I will discuss video blogging with Chris
Goldstein on Active Voice Radio. This is a resource list for his audience.

Video Blogging in the News

CBS News : 'Vlogging' Is Blogs' Next Frontier
PBS NewsHour: The 'We Media' Phenomena
Minnesota Public Radio: Videoblog Interview On Video Blogging
The DV Show: Podcasting the Ins and Outs of Digital Video
The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW): Interview with Andrew Baron from Rocketboom
Wired: Blogging + Video = Vlogging
Business Week: Online Video: The Sequel

Video by Steve Garfield: Song For Cindy Sheehan

WeAreTheMedia: The News Source for Video-Bloggers and Grassroots Media-Makers

BBC: Cannabis 'not linked to harder drugs'

Socko Energy Drink: Street Stories From Portland, OR

Freelog: Tutorial - Set Up A Free Video Blog

Video Blogging Community: Yahoo Group Message Promoting Broadcast


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