Monday, October 03, 2005

Minnesota Public Radio Videoblog Interview On Video Blogging

Ryanne's Video Blog: "Jay, Chuck and Ryanne (photo) were interviewed on Minnesota Public Radio (NPR) this morning talking about videoblogging. Listen to the 53 minute show (Real Media)

Guests:Jay Dedman, one of the leaders of the video blogging movement and co-founder of the Videoblogging Group. He is also a partner in FireAnt, the first video aggregator. Ryanne Hodson, a video editor and a pioneer in the video blogging movement. Chuck Olsen, a Twin Cities video blogger. He started a daily video blog called Minnesota Stories and produced the documentary Blogumentary.

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At Tuesday, October 04, 2005, Blogger JOlmsted said...

Post on MPR Forum

Thanks, Julia, for bringing this cyber phenomenon to the attention of your audience.

Do you watch video blogs?

Yes. I tend to watch lots of videos posted on the web., a free video blogging community, keeps track of the number of videos members watch. As of this morning, I have viewed 497 videos since August in this online community alone.

Have one?

I have several vlogs and store my videos on a variety of free video hosting/blogging communities. A link list to these “video blogging communities” is available on the sidebar of my video blog. ( This blog was created to showcase and evangelize the concept of sharing personal points-of-view through digital photos and videos to the media (TV, Radio, Newspaper), the event organizers and the public of the annual Fremont Solstice Parade and Fair in Seattle. Over the summer, the blog has evolved into a personal point-of-view video zine.

Over the past couple of months, I attempted to work with several corporations in creating video blogs for online word-of-mouth marketing campaigns. Demo videos can be seen on my YouTube account (username: digitalreporter) for: Scion (Toyota), StonyField Farms, ZipFizz, Socko Energy Drink and Monster Drink, BBG Games, and Leading Brands.

At the Seattle Hempfest in August, I interviewed the executive director of NORML, The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, Allen St. Pierre. As a result of our discussions at this event, I set-up a video blog for the international community within a couple of days:

Yesterday, NORML announced the first video blogging cash prize contest. Hopefully, corporations will invest resources into this new media forum by the first of the year.

I set-up a video blog for the 23rd Port Townsend Kinetic Skulpture Race that was last weekend. The BBC sent a 6 person film crew to cover this unusual event for a kids TV show on CBBC called, “Only In America.” Although we worked shoulder to shoulder with the crew, we were not able to get time to interview a cast member for “our” coverage. Check out what we got from the BBC in terms of an ambush type micro-interview:

How does video blogging change or challenge other blog forms?

I believe video blogging complements other blog forms. Last night, I posted a video of Google’s founder, Sergey Brin, talking about his Z-CoiL shoes on a non-video blog created for dealers and customers. The only challenge of vlogs is that broadband access is not available to everyone globally.

Other media forms?

Most conventional media forms like radio, TV and newspapers are slow to incorporate this new medium into their coverage. I had a major hassle with a new Seattle Liberal Talk Radio Show when I interviewed one of their employees in their booth at the Hempfest in August. The station removed my post on their message board linking to the video blog post. Although, the regional Clear Channel management team said they would discuss this issue with me in detail – that was 6 weeks ago. Here is the deleted forum post: (General Discussion/ Unofficial HempFest Digital Point-Of-View Photo/VideoContest – 1090 FM Interview)

Questions for Midmorning:

Why did the show decide to focus on video blogging at this point in time?
Will there be a follow-up show? If so, when?
Is there a video blog in Midmornings future anytime soon?


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