Friday, November 04, 2005

The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW): Interview with Andrew Baron from Rocketboom (excerpt)

The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW):

"C.K.: It sounds like you are geared more to delivering the video via the site (ie, fast start considerations); but I've noticed that you are quick to come out with formats that are very compatible with new portable devices, like the PSP and the new iPod. How much of an impact do you think the podcast and video podcast RSS delivery is having on the delivery of the show and your audience?
Andrew: Yes, I always wanted just one format, but there is just no use. Our main objective is to let the video flow and its easy enough to generate any variety of file types. Whatever people want. We have blue ones and red ones. I think RSS with enclosure delivery has been extremely helpful. I was already on to doing exactly what we were doing before I ever heard of that, but my friend Josh Kinberg had been in touch with Adam Curry way back when (I remember thinking nostalgically when hearing about Curry and MTV) because Josh wanted to do the same thing for video, and actually made a little apple script. So by the time Rocketboom launched, we included the enclosure feature and I even tried to create a standard for multiple enclosures (no one was listening to me then) but it was all of these different file formats that called for it. Yet when we launched we had multiple feeds. Anyway, I think it's strange but there really has not been much at all coming down the pipes. Most videobloggers are personal diary oriented or esoteric fine artists, which does not really equate with a regular audience, though RSS works really well for all of the videobloggers to keep in touch. Also, the biggest advantage of course with RSS enclosures is delivering large file sizes in the middle of the night (when the audinece member is away from the desk) so that when they arive, the file is local. This opens up the barrierrs for emerging countries that have low band, but a desire to have the media.
C.K.: Have you seen a shift in your audience since the Stevenote and the mention of Rocketboom during the Front Row and video-capable iPod presentation?
Andrew: Yes, a little bit. It has added a lot of audience that comes in and has to learn all over what we have been learning ourselves for the last year. So I think people are having a hard time understanding what [Rocketboom] is and when at first glance it looks too raw, I think it's because they are used to story telling via production standards.... A lot of trolls." (more)


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