Saturday, November 26, 2005

NerdTV | PBS : #9 Anina - High Fashion Meets High Tech

"Anina represents the new European tradition in mobile Internet development. And you'd never guess her day job."


Anina is a super model/user that mobile blogs about the fashion industry with her '360 circle of friends'.

Transcript Excerpt

Bob: Okay, Anina, you're 23 years old, which is not old, believe me, not old but you won't be modeling forever.

Anina: Who knows?

Bob: You might be. Some people do, but have you thought of continuing this technology stuff after modeling?

Anina: Well one of the things was is that I decided at a certain point that what is the point of being highly visual, if it doesn't mean anything? So I decided to start to use my persona, my physical presence to become sort of a role model so that when young women would see my picture in the magazine and they would put it up on their wall, it would mean more than like, ooh I want Anina's hair. It would be like oh, Anina has a website. And Anina has a blog. Anina uses her phone. She codes. Huh? Maybe I'll take a computer class. Maybe I can take that too. I really want not just for women, but for all non-technical people, to be able to say that if I can do it, you can do it. It's just a matter of showing and so I wanted to use my identity to bridge this technophobia.

Bob: Are people responding?

Anina: Absolutely, I taught 16 people in the fashion industry who didn't even know how to do anything, how to do every single thing with their phone. It's pretty cool, huh?

Bob: Very cool.

Anina: I think it's cool, not to mention, can you imagine you know what you could do for elderly people or for like I mentioned the telecenters, with homeless people. You know, talk about people who really need mobility, who really need to understand how to use this are people who are far away from their families and who are highly mobile.

Complete Transcript
Podcast (MP3)


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