Friday, November 25, 2005

Saginaw News: When everything's on (Excerpts)

When everything's on: "

Americans have such a diffuse range of television viewing choices it's hard to find common experiences anymore. Aside from an event as big as the Super Bowl, a cliff-hanger episode of a hit show such as "Desperate Housewives," or maybe Dave and Oprah together again, the communal television experiences -- those dissected the next morning at the office -- are about as rare as a dodo. The fractured audience grew with the proliferation of cable and satellite channels, and the freedom offered by VCRs, DVDs , TiVo and its clones.

And this nation of TV viewers is about to take the next fractured leap as paid, on-demand viewing and free classic television shows are added to the menu.

So the era is at hand when we'll have a goggle-eyed array of choices at our fingertips, available for viewing when we want them.

The choices make it easier to waste more time than ever before.
Once the novelty of the no borders programming fades, however, you can bet we'll still complain there's absolutely nothing on, and land on The Weather Channel -- where the focus remains on a topic of common concern. " (more)


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