Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Nike and McDonalds blogging

Steve Rubel points out today that Nike has put up a basketball blog, but there are no comments or trackbacks enabled. I guess that's one way to deal with control issues. It is very snazzy looking.

McDonalds has taken a very different approach with their new blog. It's written by the head of the Corporate Social Responsibility department, is full of comments and is immediately engaged with controversy both in the blogosphere and in regards to their business itself.

It will be interesting to see how long both of these are maintained and which model works better for the companies. Anyone else have favorite examples of consumer facing corporate blogs that take on the social aspects of the medium?

Stonyfield Farms was a commonly cited example in the early days of small biz blogging. The company has a number of blogs, the most general interest one titled "The Bovine Bugle." That blog is even using YouTube video! Unfortunately, it hasn't gotten a single comment all month. Ouch.


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