Thursday, November 10, 2005

Haven’t picked up podcasting? Skip it. The vlogosphere has arrived.

Michael Verdi is famous.

So are Amanda Congdon, Ryanne Hodson, and Jay Dedman. Never heard of them? That’s okay; they’re famous anyway.

And they want to add you to the list.

These four, and an innumerable swell of others, are part of a surging movement on the internet known as video blogging, or “vlogging,” a video expansion of traditional blogging that, in roughly one year of existence, already boasts a tightly knit global community, legions of devoted fans, and its own hit shows and celebrities. To wit: People like you are creating, uploading, subscribing to, and sharing a vast and varied catalogue of video content online, and getting well-known for it, all with unprecedented ease. Vlog Nation, it seems, has arrived. And what’s more, it has officially hit San Antonio. (more)


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