Wednesday, November 09, 2005

:: :: Get Rich or Die Tryin'

:: :: Get Rich or Die Tryin':

"Get Rich or Die Tryin' ' offers a limited range of choices, but we'll probably never see a film titled 'Get By and Don't Die.' The film is inspired by the haunting life story of Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson, who never knew his father, whose drug dealer mother was killed when he was young, who sold drugs on the streets of New York City and survived nine gunshot wounds to become one of the best-selling recording artists of modern times. It has been an amazing life, and he is only 30.

Of course the odds against a young drug dealer eventually selling 4 million copies of an album are so high that, by comparison, getting into the NBA is a sure thing. A more accurate title might have been, 'I Got Rich But Just About Everybody Else Died Tryin', and So Did I, Almost.' Given the harrowing conditions of his early life, Jackson's movie dwells on it with a strange affection; the movie is closer in tone to 'Scarface' than to 'Hustle & Flow,' the year's other rags-to-riches rap story." (more)



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