Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Q&A with Brad Webb, Director of Social Media Technology vSocial

Welcome to vSocial - The Video Clip Sharing Community: ""

The above video is an installed from the Weekly Boiler Room Video Blog Show that was shot on Monday.

Q: Well, at the moment, I want to find out how to edit videos that have been uploaded to vSocial. Why does one of my videos indicate that a comment has been posted and I can't see the comment?

Brad Webb:

1) Editing - Yes, it's offline right now so I can finish getting it
sewn up. So currently (until tomorrow) they're as-is.

2) I wasn't checking for null strings, and it looks like you clicked
"save" with an empty box. This is fixed now. =)

Q: What is your business model?

Brad Webb: Actually, we're looking at the happy medium between ad supported, premium services, and extending the platform into b2b sales. Currently our business model is -- we need traction before there's a business.

Q: Where does vSocial get their funding?

Brad Webb: Wholly entrepreneurial. One entrepreneur at that.

Q: Why isn't there a "intro to vSocial" video on the front page?

Brad Webb: Because we're not video producers, we're application/service producers. :) I'm sure we could make something, but chances are it'd suck. We each, in-house, have our own personal projects that will involve vSocial in one way or another, me moreso than the rest -- but that's another conversation. :)
Q: Did vSocial launch in late October?

Brad Webb: The current iteration of the application, yes. We had been up in an earlier, iteration for about 6 months prior to that. The company has been around for 3 years.

Q: Will vSocial have a forum? Blog?

Brad Webb: We'll be adding a bunch more social features shortly. We were trying to get the platform/services aspect of things really sewn up before we went ahead with them, though.

We do have our development blog, -- not sure if this is what you were inquiring about, though.

Q: Can vSocial users provide more information about themselves?

Brad Webb: Yes; soon. We're going to really improve the personal aspect of the "user page," make it more profiley.

Q: What is vSocials target market?

Brad Webb: Content *producers* and consumers/aggregators of that content.


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