Monday, October 10, 2005

Video blog firms consider subscriptions, ads

Crain's New York Business news, lists, rankings, directory and more: "Video blog companies Rocketboom and plan to begin charging subscription fees and selling ads, marking a big step in extending Internet-posting software to a wider audience.

Rocketboom uses amateurs to produce a daily three-minute off-beat news commentary program that covers technology, culture, politics and news about the Internet. Almost a year old, it claims over 60,000 daily viewers from Monday to Friday. lets regular people create and post video blogs and says its business has doubled in each of the five months it has operated. "

Rocketboom currently pays correspondents $50 for video clips, which are filmed at its studio in the Flatiron district at 18 West 21st Street with a handheld video camera, two lights and a laptop. It plans to try subscriptions for new services, said Amanda Congdon (photo), an actress and one of nine Rocketboom correspondents.

“We will see how subscription works. We are prepared for it not to work,” she said. (more)


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