Saturday, October 08, 2005

UpstartTV - The Revolution will be Televised - Oct. 29th!!!

UpstartTV - The Revolution will be Televised - Oct. 29th!!!:

"UpstartTV is an open, user-driven web community. We are dedicated to creating high quality news, humor, sports and music content. We want
everything. We run on a democratic model - one-person one vote - to
rank user submitted content. That way, the best pieces get seen by the
most people. And when we say best, we mean it for all the right
reasons. We pride ourselves on providing a forum for instant feedback
- and fact checking. We are a community engaged in the process of
creating shows that we want to watch and news we trust. We don't make
the shows, you do, and that's the key. For too long television has
been a force that lies to us, isolates us, and keeps us playing by the
rules. The Internet has given us a way to break this paradigm and
empower ourselves to take back our televisions (and our country!)

Now we just need to get together and make it happen." (more)

NOTE: It appears lots of people had the idea of developing community video blogging sites at the same time. Things change quickly on the net. "The Revolution" (VOD) has been available now for months. These upstarts need to revise their marketing material to reflect the new "video on the web" landscape.


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