Friday, October 07, 2005

Current TV Aims To Raise Profile

Current TV Aims To Raise Profile: "Current TV is launching a marketing blitz that is as non-traditional as the 'viewer-submitted content' that makes up the network's programming.

The Al Gore-helmed channel began a viral marketing campaign this week, putting up a billboard in Times Square that drives people to a web site called Awaiting Input ( Over two months, the site will feature eight webisodes from cities around the country, telling a continuing story about "vic," a robot named for the network's 'viewer content.'
Current TV's and partner Sun Microsystems kicked off the marketing campaign on Thursday with a shindig in Central Park.

The two-hour "Take Back TV" event featured 45 minutes of information about Current, plus a performance by R&B star Lauryn Hill. Attendees beamed text messages to a screen on stage and received information back on how to donate to the Boys and Girls Club in New Orleans.

"This is all about brand building now," says Current CEO Joel Hyatt, the legal services mogul who launched the network in partnership with ex-Vice President Al Gore. "It's about bringing thousands of young people to a venue to tell them everything about Current."

Hyatt called the network's marketing team members "inter-activisits" for their guerilla tactics. At the concert, Current staff members manned a lime green bus on which attendees can watch the network and take tutorials on how to upload contribute video content." (more)


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