Thursday, April 13, 2006

Networks Tout Podcasting for Promos

Networks Tout Podcasting for Promos: "Sometime this summer, Battlestar Galactica executive producer Ron Moore will sit his writing team down at an undisclosed location to begin mapping out the upcoming season of the Sci Fi Channel hit. And before the team gets started, someone will hit the record button to tape the session for a future podcast.

Moore typically records a weekly podcast and fans eat it up (2.4 million Battlestar podcasts have been downloaded to date). Witness this comment, recently posted on iTunes: ?For diehard sci-fi fans, it?s as if Gene Roddenberry called you after each original of [Star] Trek and told you what he was thinking that week.

Steve Youngwood, executive vp at Nickelodeon Digital Media, added that Nick has deliberately released podcasts for big events like the Kids Choice Awards or the recent release of the Zoey 101 movie. “We usually don’t do these things in isolation,” he said.

In terms of a business, Sci Fi’s Howe said an ad-supported model will likely evolve, though it’s early. Advertisers are watching closely, particularly video podcasts, according to Greg Smith, executive vp, director of insights, planning and data analysis at Carat Fusion. “We’re actually teaching our network people to buy video in all forms,” he said."


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