Friday, December 23, 2005

Brightcove: Allaire Launches Broadband Indie Film/TV Service -

Brightcove logo

Jeremy Allaire, co-founder of Allaire Corp and one of the big shakers behind the successful ColdFusion Web technology, is unveiling a company that he hopes will make Internet movie/TV downloads a standard feature on home TV sets.

The new IP video startup, called Brightcove, has been formed to encourage the "democratisation of video production and distribution" with the Cambridge-based company having a hand in all facets of IP video or Internet TV - creation, delivery and monetisation (that's making money to you and I).

Brightcove has already raised US$5.5 million (£2.86m/€4.16) of first-round venture funding from General Catalyst Partners and Accel Partners and boasts a management team including executives from Allaire, ATG, BSkyB, Comcast, Macromedia and News Corp.

"We're going to build a service that marries what the Internet does really well, with television," said Allaire about his new venture, Brightcove Inc....

Allaire hopes his service will create a new way for film producers to deliver their work to the public - check out his introductory flash movie where he describes his vision of a future where "we'll see as many video channels as Web sites". (more)

Rocketboom correspondent Steve Garfield published thison camera interview with Brightcove founder Jeremy Allaire.


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