Monday, January 30, 2006

RocketBoom eBay Ad


Rocketboom (Jan. 30 Show) is a three minute daily videoblog based in New York City and is one of the most popular video shows on the internet.

For the highest bidder, we will create five original, fifteen second (minimum) - one minute (maximum) post-roll commercials that will span five days of programming, Monday-Friday, March 6 through March 10, 2006. Each day that week a different commercial that we create for your company will be played at the conclusion of the Rocketboom episode.

Rocketboom reaches a minimum of 130,000 people per day and each day's video, over the course of several days, receives over 200,000 complete views. Thus, the advertisement reach for this auction is currently a minimum of one million views.

The five unique advertisements, along with hyperlinks to your website, will also become a part of our archived web pages. They will remain freely available, searchable, index-able, re-distributable, and on demand. Additionally, direct links to each commercial will be available for at least one year.

The advertisements will be interactive when played by our online Quicktime audience (approx. half of our web audience). This means that at any time an audience member is watching the ad, they will be able to click anywhere on the ad, at any time during the duration of the ad, to launch a webpage link to your website in a separate browser window. Also, within the Quicktime version, your ad will exist via a chapter marker, making it easy for the audience to navigate to the ad from within the regular Rocketboom program.

At the end of the week's run, we will generate a detailed statistical report including an accurate count of successful video plays, top referrers, top regions of origin as well as provide you with a complete copy of our raw log files for all five days. We will later provide a video download report at the end of each month for three months.

This auction is a bid for advertisement space on Rocketboom, in addition to payment for our creative services. The actual advertisements (the content) will be created and owned solely by Rocketboom and exist as a part of our regular Rocketboom show under a creative commons, non-commercial, share-alike, license. (More)


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